Meals from Memories

November 9, 2023

Parkland at the Gardens

Mandy Wingert’s journey in the culinary arts has been nothing short of extraordinary.

With decades of experience, she found her place as a Pastry Chef at Parkland at the Gardens in Halifax, NS. Ten years on, Mandy is now a Sous Chef who creates culinary delights catering to residents’ unique needs.

Food and nutrition play a role in the overall health of residents, but meals are also directly linked to memories. Chef Mandy takes the time to prepare meals that remind residents of home. 

“I love hearing, ‘That was the hug from my grandmother that I really needed,’ or, ‘I remember my mother used to make this. Thank you for bringing that back.'” She continued, “We regularly bake fresh bread to fill our communities with a familiar smell in hopes that we can tap into memories of time spent in their homes or kitchens.

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