The Resident Voice: Resident & Family Advisory Committee

October 24, 2022
Members of the Resident and Family Advisory Committee attending the first meeting in Halifax.

The voice of residents and families is central to the care we provide and is considered in all our decisions. One of the ways that we ensure this is through our Resident and Family Advisory Committee. After a pause due to the pandemic, the Committee has commenced again and we held our first meetings in September. The Committee is comprised of residents and family members from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario and is split into two groups: one for Retirement Living and another for Long Term Care. With an ultimate goal of uplifting and reflecting residents’ voices, the committee will be instrumental in many key initiatives underway. Members of the Retirement Living group will be focused on overall resident experience, including reviewing results from our annual Quality-of-Life Survey, and our Long Term Care group will play an important role in the preparation of our upcoming Accreditation Canada survey. We look forward to our next Committee meeting in December.


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