Green Energy

February 21, 2024

Shannex is approaching the one-year mark of being Canada’s first seniors’ living organization to achieve ISO 50001 certification. The management and maintenance teams have been instrumental in our journey to improve energy efficiency.When team members and residents work together, we can take action that makes a difference in our communities.Energy efficiency tips that you can take while staying warm over the winter:

  • Ensure that windows are closed
  • Turn lights o in empty rooms
  • Use natural light and warmth from the sun during peak hours of the day
  • Close blinds to reduce heat loss through windows in the evenings

Interested in making your community green? Reach out to your General Manager about joining your site’s Green Team!

Learn how Shannex is committed to protecting the environment with an action plan that transforms the way we prioritize sustainability.

Strategic Direction: Environmental Stewardship


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