Meet Darren Pellerin

March 15, 2023

General Manager, Parkland Saint John

After more than 20 years in Alberta, Darren Pellerin is happy to be back in his home province of New Brunswick as General Manager at Parkland Saint John. In his time out west, Darren worked for several hotels, before taking a job as General Manager of a lifestyle residence in Calgary. “In both roles, it’s all about making sure you’re providing a great experience,” said Darren. “It’s our job to provide a clean, safe place to stay, good nutritious food and a fun atmosphere – it’s exciting!” Ultimately what drew him back to New Brunswick was his desire to be close to family, but he is looking forward to supporting residents, their loved ones and team members at Parkland Saint John. “I’m happy to be amongst Maritimers again,” he said with a smile. “I love being involved in every aspect of the building whether it’s dining and hospitality, sales, or maintenance,” he added. “There’s a lot of great work that’s been done here, happy residents and Great People, I’m always looking to see how we can improve their experience.”


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