President’s Message

February 25, 2022
(L-R): Shannex President and COO, Jason Shannon, retired team member, Carol Wall and Founder, Joesph Shannon, attend the Shannex Service Excellence Awards in Sydney, N.S.

Happy New Year everyone,  
I’m pleased to share the newest issue of Connections with you.  

I know that all of us were filled with hope that by the end of 2021, we might be able to put this pandemic behind us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case now, but we shouldn’t lose hope. Instead, I encourage you to notice the positives in these changing times. The vaccines are working; they are reducing the health impacts for those who get COVID-19. We’ve also gotten very good at adapting to changing circumstances and to helping each other. Our sense of community is stronger in many ways, and I’m inspired by what I see in each of our locations. It’s this sense of community that makes us take care of ourselves so we can protect others.  

Earlier in the fall, before the Omicron variant, I was able to visit many of our sites, and it was good to see residents and team members in good spirits. It’s clear to me residents enjoy strong connections with our team members, which is what our most recent Quality of Life Survey results indicate. I want to thank our residents and families for taking the time to provide their feedback, and I want you to know that we are working on action plans to continue to improve your experience with us.  

In December, I had the honour of recognizing some of our team members at our Service Excellence Awards ceremonies in Halifax and Sydney. We recognized long-serving employees, retirements and those who have gone above and beyond to deliver care and service consistent with our organizational values. As an organization, it’s important our Great People understand how much we value their contributions. We want to invest in their futures through opportunities to learn and grow through meaningful work where they get to make a difference in the lives of others.  

These are extraordinary times that have required all of us to dig deep and be strong as we continue to find ourselves responding to new challenges related to COVID-19. I want to thank our residents, their families, and our teams for making the Shannex family so special.  

As you turn the pages of this issue of Connections, I hope you feel that sense of community spirit and renewed hope for the year ahead. 


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