Puppies of Pemberley

May 19, 2022
Mary and her sweet pup, Charlie, happily reside at The Pemberley.

Meet Mary and her dog, Charlie. Charlie is 13 years old and Mary rescued him nine years ago from the Humane Society.

The painting of Charlie that will be on display at an Ontario art gallery.

Before moving to The Pemberley, Mary and Charlie lived in Guelph, Ontario. It was there that she became friends with a local artist who asked to paint a photo of Charlie, which will soon be on display at an art gallery in Ontario. In Bedford, N.S., Mary proudly displays the painting in her two-bedroom suite at The Pemberley among other dog-inspired décor. Mary says that everything in her home is chosen to make Charlie comfortable. Mary and Charlie have been happily living at The Pemberley since May 2021.

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