Resident Spotlight: Delia Burgess

March 16, 2023

Parkland at the Gardens

Delia Burgess knows the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why, it was a no-brainer to join the Green Team at Parkland at the Gardens when she moved into the community last September. The Green Team’s purpose is to set an example and promote ways to live sustainably amongst residents, team members and the broader community. This is something that Delia has become passionate about. “I want to make a change. The world is not going to last much longer the way it is, and things are getting worse and worse,” says Delia. “But I see great, amazing changes,” she adds. One of the ways she has helped at the site is by organizing the garbage rooms on every floor to ensure people know how to sort their garbage properly. “It’s hard to know how to get through to everyone,” says Delia, noting that she is committed to helping everyone in the community do their best. Whether she is giving helpful advice, sorting garbage, making the waste process easy to understand, or making it fun with games, tips and
tricks, Delia is always on the lookout for small wins and opportunities for positive change. As an organization, we are committed to protecting the environment by taking a sustainable approach in all our communities, and we applaud Delia and the Green Team at Parkland at the Gardens for taking action! Do you have a green idea? We would love to hear from you! Submit yours to

Recycling 101: Delia Burgess has been making sustainability fun for residents and team members.

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