Safety Culture Summits

August 17, 2022

Health, Wellness and Safety

Safety is a Guiding Principle foundational to our every day work. We strive for all our communities to have a positive health, wellness and safety culture. 

In June and July, safety leaders at each of our Shannex communities came together at one of 17 Safety Culture Summits to further learn and develop safety skills.

Our summit participants, made up of people leaders and JOH&SC members committed to the following:  

  • Strengthening work relationships 
  • Using the Safety Profile Scorecard (SPS) to benefit their community 
  • Contributing to help strengthen safety culture in the workplace 

In the coming months we will be checking in to learn about what’s happening at every location to transform our safety culture. Keep watching this space in future issues of Connections to be inspired.

Team members attending a Safety Summit in Sydney, Cape Breton in June.

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