Clinical Corner: National Nurses Week

May 8, 2024

National Nurses Week is May 6-12, 2024, and this year’s theme is Changing Lives. Shaping Tomorrow. This theme acknowledges the remarkable and meaningful impact that nurses have on residents, and the communities they serve.

Nurses are at the forefront of health care innovation, and enable advancements in treatments, technologies, and practices. They have significant influence on shaping the future of health care and mentoring our next generation of health care professionals.

Thank you to our nurses for your advocacy, unwavering commitment to our residents, and for sharing your talents and expertise with us everyday. The care that you provide, the relationships you build,and the meaningful memories you create, do not go unnoticed.

This week and every week, we celebrate you

Noreen Muga, LPN, Parkland at the Lakes, NS
Mark Agudo, LPN, Debert Court, NS
Melissa Knowlton Wilson, Restorative LPN and Candace Dude, RN, Frederick Hall, NB



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