Home is Where the Art is

August 1, 2023

Parkland Truro

Kamala Padmanathan sits on an embroidered chair in her Parkland Truro apartment. Her home is filled with beautiful works of art like a hand-painted dining table, colourful embroidery, and a family engagement photo with floral stamp work.

Her framed embroidery pieces show off her talent for decorative stitching. One piece uses 18 multi-coloured or metallic threads to create a breathtaking final product.

“It has many different stitches. I like my colours,” says Kamala, “I call it Crazy Quilt.”

When Kamala is not creating stunning needlework, she’s painting. She’s mastered French painting techniques. “There was a teacher in Eureka who I visited each summer for 25 years to learn the style,” she shares.

Now, Kamala inspires others at Parkland with her talent. In May, Parkland Truro held an art show displaying her work and Administrative Coordinator, Javiera Krenz was inspired to start her own needlework journey.

“My hands don’t shake. Until then, I’ll continue painting and needle hooking.”

With steady hands, Kamala looks forward to creating more art. She can be found walking Edinburgh Hall modelling her latest designs, like hand-painted floral jeans or a silk jacket.

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