Preparing for Emergencies

August 1, 2023

With dry and hot weather this spring, Canada experienced a surge in the number of wildfires across the country.

Our hearts are with the many community members, families and team members impacted by the fires. We are also grateful for front line workers that worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe.

At Shannex, each of our communities has a comprehensive emergency plan that covers a wide variety of emergency situations. Being prepared, knowing the risks and having equipment and procedures in place to respond to any type of emergency is only part of the solution. We must all be prepared to respond to emergency situations at home.

Emergency Tips

Know your risks:

  • Consider the types of emergencies

Make a plan:

  • Decide on the emergency situation responses
  • Know your evacuation routes
  • Have a meeting place for your family

Create emergency kits:

  • Have supplies for up to at least 72 hours
  • Keep a “go bag” ready, that you can grab quickly if you must evacuate

Consider how you will communicate:

  • Use non-voice channels to communicate, such as text, email, or social media
  • Keep voice conversations brief with only important information
  • If your call does not go through, wait 10seconds before trying again
  • Keep contacts up to date
  • Keep meeting information in your maps app
  • Save your phone battery by reducing brightness, using airplane mode, and closing apps

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