We Love Gardening

August 1, 2023
Henri Belliveau, Maria Belliveau, Rachel Hébert, Blanche Leclerc et Paul LeBlanc, personnes
résidentes du Pavillon LeBlanc

Faubourg du Mascaret

It’s gardening season at Faubourg du Mascaret.

Every year, the residents work the land to grow fresh vegetables. Everyone works as a team to remove weeds and ensure daily watering throughout the summer before the autumn harvest.

Another fine project made possible by the Pivotsanté pour aînés program, a collaboration between the Government of New Brunswick, the Université de Moncton and Faubourg du Mascaret.

Faubourg du Mascaret is a French retirement community honouring Acadian history and providing exceptional lifestyle options to meet the unique needs of each resident. 

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