Safety and Wellness: Doing the Safety Dance

October 24, 2022

Caritas Residence

This summer we held Safety Culture Summits. We want to take this opportunity to highlight Caritas Residence, who exemplifies not only “walking the talk” when it comes to safety but “dancing the talk,” by creating several fun safety videos choreographed to the 1982 hit, “The Safety Dance” by Canadian pop band, “Men Without Hats”.

Seventeen Caritas team members took part to promote safety within their community while going about everyday work. Danielle Mullane, Client Services Coordinator was one of the team members featured. “I wanted to showcase how one small action, such as placing a wet floor sign, can prevent injuries and we are a team that wants to ensure we are all safe,” said Danielle.

See the video here.

Thank you to the participants:

Clinical Team: Danielle Mullane, Brianna Doucette, Evelyn Atienza, Katherine Brennan, Nimy Paul, Jennifer Hillier, Rosalyn Beliah, Jessica Smith, Sitti Exley, Lenora Green; Maintenance Team: Terry Westhaver, Patrick Kennedy; Dietary Team: Darrell Cooling, Colleen Dunn; Reception: Laura Berry and Resident, S. Alice Mailman


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