Meaningful Mentors

February 21, 2024

Colchester/Cumberland Region Enhanced Care

Sixteen continuing care assistants attended the newly rebooted CCA mentorship session held in the Colchester/Cumberland, NS region by Education Coordinator Jayne Barnhill.   

“I’m grateful for Jayne and all the team members who stepped forward to mentor our new staff and students,” said Kyle Richardson, the Enhanced Care Regional Manager.

Mentors at Shannex assist with the orientation of new employees and preceptor CCA students. Each Shannex mentor received a new scrub top with Mentor embroidered on the side of the sleeve to recognize the great work they do every day!   

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CCAs Frances Riemersma, Donna MacDermid, Ashley Googoo, Sherry Rath
CCAs Chellcea O’Brien and Shelley Turner 
Tina Lent, CCA

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