Powerful Poetry

February 21, 2024
Roger LeFrank, Lillian Appleby, Bev Delorey, John Cowans, Rosaleen Hubley.

Parkland Clayton Park

Beautiful poetry has bonded residents at Parkland Clayton Park.

The Pondering Poetry Group gathers once a month to share their inspiring words. The group discusses each poem in detail and shares their interpretations of the meaning. Occasionally; members will share some of their written poems, which is a delightful treat for all. 

“I enjoy poetry and it’s a pleasure to meet with friends once a month to share thoughts about our favorite poems and poets,” said resident Bev Delorey. “It’s a special joy to hear the poems written by others in our group.” 

Through the love of powerful poems, the group has created strong connections to their emotions and to each other.



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