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President’s Message
Culinary Corner
Meaningful Meals: Culinary Centre
New Milestones and Old Favourites
Clinical Corner
Home is Where the Art is
We Caught You Being Great!
Welcome to Gordon Hall
We Love Gardening
Dragon Boat Festival
Nursing Home Week
Work While You Learn
Preparing for Emergencies
Greener Thoughts, Greener Action
Shannex Excellence Awards 2023
Shannex Excellence Awards | President’s…
Shannex Excellence Awards | Founder’s S…
Free Groceries for a Year!
Great People Month
Learning and Development
New Communities
Volunteer Spotlight
Innovation to Improve Care
June Celebrations
Student Smiles
Prom Fashion Fun
Reimagining Recruitment
Great Rewards for Great People
Great People Give
$11,000 Donation for Wildfires
Community Spirit Grants
Meet the Centenarians

President’s Message

août 1, 2023

Welcome to the summer issue of Connections.

A little over a year ago, we held our first ever Great People Party and launched the Blue Book, a guide for new team members to learn about our history, values and Guiding Principles. At that time, we decided the month of May would become Great People Month. There’s a reason why we need a month-long calendar to recognize and celebrate the Great People of Shannex and you’ll see why when you read many of the storiesin the following pages.

One of my favourite events of the year takes place during Great People Month: The Shannex Excellence Awards. This is an evening dedicated to celebrating some of our brightest stars and I am so proud to attend each year. These individuals have gone above and beyond to ensure residents’ wellbeing and happiness, and their contributions have truly set the standard of excellence within our organization.

Another important event happened in early June when our Enhanced Care team members participated in the rigorous process of Accreditation which saw surveyors visit 20 of our licensed nursing homes in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It’s my pleasure to share that this process resulted in Shannex being Accredited with Commendation under the Qmentum Long Term Care (QLTC) accreditation program. This level of recognition is awarded to organizations that surpass the fundamental requirements of the Accreditation program. This is an exceptional achievement. We will have Accreditation activities each year to maintain Accreditation standards. We work hard each day to ensure that we are always improving the quality of service and care for residents in our communities and we have already begun actioning some of the feedback received as part of the accreditation experience.

It’s such an exciting time for our growing organization. We have an incredibly talented team of Great People who are working hard each day to place residents first as they deliver on our strategic priorities, and we are continuing to grow with new communities to better serve the needs of active older adults.

There is certainly a lot to keep us busy, so I hope you also take time this summer to enjoy experiences with family and friends, and of course to read this issue of Connections.

Jason Shannon
President, Shannex

Grand opening of Parkland Ajax. Jason Shannon, Joanne DeVries, Jennifer VanSickle, Robert VanSickle, Loretta Lewis, Joseph Shannon, Lisa Benjamin, Bev Wiggins

Culinary Corner

août 1, 2023

Strawberry Dessert
Created by: Henry Brown, Corporate Chef Nova Scotia

The Parkland Dining Experience

At Parkland, every detail has been considered to help you live your best life in retirement. Our culinary team takes pride in what they do and get to know each resident personally. 

Discover the flavours of Parkland

125 ml Margarine
740 ml Graham Cracker Crumbs
320 ml Strawberries, Frozen (can use fresh)
16 ml/1 tbsp Water
40 ml/2 tbsp + 2 tsp Sugar
5 ml/1 tsp Water
5 ml/1 tsp Cornstarch
1.5 packs Gelatin, powdered
50 ml 35% Cream
10 ml/2 tsp Vanilla extract
80 ml/8 tbsp + 1 tsp Powdered Sugar (sifted)
450 ml 35% Cream
105 ml Sour Cream Method

Melt margarine, let cool slightly.
Mix in with graham crumbs, mix well.
Press mixture down into a 10’x 12’pan.
Bake in 350◦F oven for 12 minutes. Let cool.

Combine frozen strawberries, water, and sugar in pot and bring to simmer.
Let cook 10 minutes.
Mix water and cornstarch and slowly add to strawberries, mixing while adding to prevent lumps.
Turn down heat and let cook another 8-10 minutes, stir occasionally.
Let cool completely before adding to rest of recipe.

In small pot bring cream to simmer and add in gelatin to melt. Melt completely and set aside to cool. In mixer bowl add cream and whip on medium to high until stiff peaks form (with a spoon, see if whipped cream stands up straight after dipping spoon in cream and bringing it straight up).

Add in vanilla extract and powdered sugar.
Mix one minute on low.
Scrape bowl.
Mix stewed strawberries and melted gelatin together then slowly add to whipped cream in a steady stream.
Mix well on low for 2 minutes.
Pour mixture over prepared pan with cooked graham cracker base.
Refrigerate minimum 3 hours or overnight.

Cut and garnish with fresh cut strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream.


Meaningful Meals: Culinary Centre

août 1, 2023

Beginning this summer, residents in all of our communities will enjoy special themed dining experiences. This exciting quality improvement initiative was developed by Operations Manager, Holly McClelland, in partnership with wellness, recreation, culinary and hospitality teams.

“Our goal with these new themed meals is to make mealtime extra meaningful through focusing on local items, special meal requests and favourite foods,” Holly explains. “Involving community recreation and wellness teams helps make the day even more fun.

”Our first theme is “Summer Barbecue”, and each community is placing their own unique take on it.

The Parkland Dining Experience

At Parkland, every detail has been considered to help you live your best life in retirement. Our culinary team takes pride in what they do and get to know each resident personally. 

Discover the flavours of Parkland

New Milestones and Old Favourites

août 1, 2023
Bill and Edna Matthews with their family

Parkland West Bedford at the Highbury

Bill and Edna Matthews are residents at Parkland West Bedford. They recently celebrated their 96th birthdays and 73rd wedding anniversary. To celebrate these impressive milestones, Chef John prepared their favourite meal, a roast beef dinner with gravy. This is the same meal the couple have enjoyed countless times over the years.

Bill is a former Halifax Dockyard worker and homebuilder (including building homes for their three children). He says this is comfort food, “It was always a nice treat after a long day of work.”

Comfort and community are two of the things Edna likes most about Parkland, “It’s nice to be here. The residents and team members are so friendly and there is always someone you can ask if you need a hand.”

At Parkland, we are committed to creating exceptional dining experiences for residents, especially when it comes to special events and celebrations. Our communities help residents live, laugh and enjoy time with friends, families and neighbours. We’re thrilled we could be a small part of making Bill and Edna’s momentous celebrations special.

Parkland West Bedford is designed for seniors who want to age in place
while enjoying an active and social lifestyle in retirement.

Explore Parkland West Bedford

Clinical Corner

août 1, 2023
Homemade lemonade

Stay Cool.

It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather but take care to protect your health while out in the sun and heat. Stay cool. As we get older, our ability to produce sweat decreases and it’s easier to become over-heated.

Tips to Stay Cool
  • Try to keep outdoor activities to times of day when it is cooler (morning or evening)
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities in extreme heat conditions
  • Stay hydrated with water or other cool non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Drink regularly, not just when you feel thirsty
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing that wicks moisture away (cotton is a good choice)
  • Wear SPF 30 sunscreen, try wearing hats and stay in the shade.
  • Check your medications as some medications make it more difficult for your body to adapt to heat. These can include prescription medications and over-the-counter medications.
  • Review your prescriptions or check with your pharmacist for sun or heat risks.

Home is Where the Art is

août 1, 2023

Parkland Truro

Kamala Padmanathan sits on an embroidered chair in her Parkland Truro apartment. Her home is filled with beautiful works of art like a hand-painted dining table, colourful embroidery, and a family engagement photo with floral stamp work.

Her framed embroidery pieces show off her talent for decorative stitching. One piece uses 18 multi-coloured or metallic threads to create a breathtaking final product.

“It has many different stitches. I like my colours,” says Kamala, “I call it Crazy Quilt.”

When Kamala is not creating stunning needlework, she’s painting. She’s mastered French painting techniques. “There was a teacher in Eureka who I visited each summer for 25 years to learn the style,” she shares.

Now, Kamala inspires others at Parkland with her talent. In May, Parkland Truro held an art show displaying her work and Administrative Coordinator, Javiera Krenz was inspired to start her own needlework journey.

“My hands don’t shake. Until then, I’ll continue painting and needle hooking.”

With steady hands, Kamala looks forward to creating more art. She can be found walking Edinburgh Hall modelling her latest designs, like hand-painted floral jeans or a silk jacket.

At Parkland, we understand that wellness plays a significant role in helping our residents live their best lives.  While living at a Parkland retirement community you will have the opportunity to be engaged in customized seniors activities and programs designed to stimulate your mind, body and soul. 

Learn more about our Harmony Wellness Program.

We Caught You Being Great!

août 1, 2023

Amy Murphy, Housekeeper – Arborstone

Read bio for Amy Murphy, Housekeeper – Arborstone

Amy Murphy, Housekeeper – Arborstone

Enhanced Care Amy Murphy is a housekeeper at Arborstone Enhanced Care. She leads the way to better living every day through kindness, compassion and keeping residents safe. This was reflected in the many comments fellow team members shared when submitting her recognition.

Erica Brewster, Daily Living Assistant – Parkland

Read bio for Erica Brewster, Daily Living Assistant – Parkland

Erica Brewster, Daily Living Assistant – Parkland

Clayton Park Daily Living Assistant Erica Brewster approaches every situation with a smile on her face in her work at Parkland Clayton Park. She regularly goes above and beyond demonstrating our Guiding Principles and ensuring her fellow team members feel supported.

Margit Cirillo, Food and Beverage Manager – Parkland on Eglinton West

Read bio for Margit Cirillo, Food and Beverage Manager – Parkland on Eglinton West

Margit Cirillo, Food and Beverage Manager – Parkland on Eglinton West

Margit goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service in her work as Food and Beverage Manager at Parkland on Eglinton West. She tackles challenges head-on and is a leader on the team who has earned the respect of residents and the admiration of her colleagues.

Tamara Cosman, Registered Nurse – Tucker Hall

Read bio for Tamara Cosman, Registered Nurse – Tucker Hall

Tamara Cosman, Registered Nurse – Tucker Hall

Tamara is a Registered Nurse at Tucker Hall who brings her wonderful personality and passion to work each day. She loves being a nurse and this shines through as he goes above and beyond to provide compassionate support to residents, their families and her fellow team members.

During our most recent Great People Month Town Hall, we recognized those who received the most “Caught You Being Great” nominations over the past year.

CONGRATULATIONS Amy, Erica, Margit, and Tamara!

Caught You Being Great, Green or Safe

This points-based program was designed for team members to recognize and thank their peers for going above and beyond to live our Guiding Principles.

Learn More

Welcome to Gordon Hall

août 1, 2023

Gordon Hall

Meet Laurise and Emery, the first two residents at Gordon Hall, our new licensed nursing home that opened in Moncton, NB in the early days of June.

Married for over 60 years, they are grateful to be able to continue living together in their beautiful new home.

Bienvenue chez vous!

Gordon Hall is home to 60 residents with two neighbourhoods on two-storey’s with 30 residents in each neighbourhood.

Explore Gordon Hall

We Love Gardening

août 1, 2023
Henri Belliveau, Maria Belliveau, Rachel Hébert, Blanche Leclerc et Paul LeBlanc, personnes
résidentes du Pavillon LeBlanc

Faubourg du Mascaret

It’s gardening season at Faubourg du Mascaret.

Every year, the residents work the land to grow fresh vegetables. Everyone works as a team to remove weeds and ensure daily watering throughout the summer before the autumn harvest.

Another fine project made possible by the Pivotsanté pour aînés program, a collaboration between the Government of New Brunswick, the Université de Moncton and Faubourg du Mascaret.

Faubourg du Mascaret is a French retirement community honouring Acadian history and providing exceptional lifestyle options to meet the unique needs of each resident. 

Explore Faubourg du Mascaret

Dragon Boat Festival

août 1, 2023

Pavillon Landry & Pavillon Richard

Team members from two of our Moncton nursing homes, Pavillon Landry and Pavillon Richard, as well as the Shannex Moncton Regional Office took part in the 2023 Dragon Boat Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Despite the rain, cold and wind, the “Shannex Patrol” team represented us well, finishing seventh out of 24 teams.

Participants also fundraised $2,000 out of which 60 per cent will go to the Lions Sick Children’s Fund and the other 40 per cent will go to the Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick.


Nursing Home Week

août 1, 2023

Losier Hall

June 4th to 10th was Nursing Home Week in New Brunswick.

For the occasion, team members at Losier Hall we retreated to a Hawaiian themed BBQ. Team members and residents enjoyed lots of good food, music, and fun on Main Street.

Thank you to our Great People for always putting residents first.

Our long term care community

Operating under the name Shannex Enhanced Care, our licensed long term care division provides accommodations, care and support to help residents live their best life. We are always thinking about the wellbeing of our residents by being empathic, respecting their privacy and taking action to meet their needs.  

Explore our Nursing Homes in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario

Work While You Learn

août 1, 2023

Creating new opportunities for our Great People to work and grow with us is a top priority.

Our Work and Learn PSW Program provides support for career upgrades. It allows our people to continue to work and get paid while learning.

The Government of Nova Scotia in partnership with Nova Scotia Community College have also launched a new pilot program for career advancements. This free, two-and-a-half-year program, will support CCAs in becoming Licensed Practical Nurses.

Read on about Healthcare and Clinical Careers with Shannex.

Morgan Lambert, LPN, with recent Work and Learn graduates in Fredericton, New Brunswick
Vanessa White, VP, People and Culture Shannex; The Honourable Barbara Adams, Minister of Seniors and Long-Term Care; Margaret Champion, Dean, Health & Human Services NSCC
Michelle Smith, LPN, and Rob Burnette, LPN, with PSW Work and Learn students in Moncton, NB

Preparing for Emergencies

août 1, 2023

With dry and hot weather this spring, Canada experienced a surge in the number of wildfires across the country.

Our hearts are with the many community members, families and team members impacted by the fires. We are also grateful for front line workers that worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe.

At Shannex, each of our communities has a comprehensive emergency plan that covers a wide variety of emergency situations. Being prepared, knowing the risks and having equipment and procedures in place to respond to any type of emergency is only part of the solution. We must all be prepared to respond to emergency situations at home.

Emergency Tips

Know your risks:

  • Consider the types of emergencies

Make a plan:

  • Decide on the emergency situation responses
  • Know your evacuation routes
  • Have a meeting place for your family

Create emergency kits:

  • Have supplies for up to at least 72 hours
  • Keep a “go bag” ready, that you can grab quickly if you must evacuate

Consider how you will communicate:

  • Use non-voice channels to communicate, such as text, email, or social media
  • Keep voice conversations brief with only important information
  • If your call does not go through, wait 10seconds before trying again
  • Keep contacts up to date
  • Keep meeting information in your maps app
  • Save your phone battery by reducing brightness, using airplane mode, and closing apps

Greener Thoughts, Greener Action

août 1, 2023

One of the strategic directions in our new five-year strategic plan is environmental stewardship. We recognize we must take steps to increase our commitment to protecting the environment with an action plan that transforms the way we prioritize sustainability.

Together, we will create a greener and cleaner environment!

A community clean-up was held around our Home Office on June 13th where 16 full garbage bags were collected. Great work from all of the volunteers!

Learn how Shannex is committed to protecting the environment with an action plan that transforms the way we prioritize sustainability.

Strategic Direction: Environmental Stewardship

Home Office team members cleaning up

Shannex Excellence Awards 2023

août 1, 2023

Every day at Shannex, Great People go above and beyond to create exceptional resident experiences and a positive, fulfilling work environment where team members are seen, heard and celebrated.

Our pursuit of excellence continues to be inspired by our values and team members who are compassionate, honest, professional and safe in all they do.

Our words, actions and contributions have a meaningful and lasting impact on one another, and on those we serve and for this reason we gather every year to recognize those who have played an integral role in shaping our communities.

The 2023 Excellence Awards recipients are a shining example of why Shannex and its Great People are Leading the Way to Better Living.

Here are this year’s Excellence Awards recipients:

Volunteer Excellence Award

The Volunteer Excellence award provides an opportunity for team members to recognize the incredible volunteers that donate their time, energy and creativity to residents at Shannex.

Janet Harrigan

Volunteer, Parkland in the Valley
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Elaine Gray and Grace the Doxie

with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, a volunteer at Monarch Hall

Sales Excellence Award

Presented to individuals who demonstrated the highest sales achievement in their region.

Victoria Roberts

Lifestyle Consultant, Parkland at the Gardens
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Christine McGee

Lifestyle Consultant, Parkland in the Valley
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Grace Miksa

Lifestyle Consultant, Parkland on the Glen
Mississauga, Ontario

Environmental Sustainability Excellence Award

Awarded to an individual, or group of individuals, who demonstrate initiative in performance and process improvement that enhances Shannex’s overall environmental sustainability. This year the award went to both an individual and a group.

Jinky Meneses

Housekeeping, Parkland at the Gardens
Halifax, Nova Scotia

ISO Certification Team

Vince Neville, Harbourstone Enhanced Care

Scott Wade, Faubourg du Mascaret

Steven Doyle, Parkland in the Valley

Peter Henderson, Arborstone Enhanced Care

Eddie Balnaves, Parkland on the Eglinton West

Care Innovation Excellence Award

Recognizes an individual or project team that demonstrates a creative approach to improving a care practice. One that not only has the ability and potential to improve the quality of life and care of residents of their site but could be replicated and in-turn improve the quality of care across our organization.

Crystal Mackay

LPN, Care Coordinator, Colchester Region
Colchester, Nova Scotia

Christopher Reinhardt Safety Excellence Award

Awarded to a team member who demonstrates excellence in Health and Safety, the annual Shannex Safety Award is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Reinhardt in recognition of his passion and dedication to safety in the workplace.

Rose Lynn Demeter

LPN, Arborstone Enhanced Care
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Service Excellence Award

Awarded to individuals that live our values, guiding principles, and demonstrate service excellence every day. This was a huge category and had over 70 nominations – we have a variety of team members across all our divisions in all provinces who won this award.

Elizabeth (Betty) Farrell

Long Term Care Assistant, Cedarstone Enhanced Care
Truro, Nova Scotia

Pam Irvine

Workforce Manager, Nova Scotia Enhanced Care
Nova Scotia

Bruce Lutes

Recruitment Specialist, New Brunswick Regional Office
Moncton, New Brunswick

Cassidy Hulbert

Wellness Coach, Parkland at the Gardens
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Barb Livingstone

Client Service Attendant, Parkland Clayton Park
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Michelle Nason

Client Service Coordinator, Parkland Saint John
Saint John, New Brunswick

Leoval Ba-al

Sous Chef, Parkland Riverview
Riverview New Brunswick

Reefat Talukder

Health and Wellness Manager, Parkland on Eglinton West
Etobicoke, Ontario

Stephanie MacDonald

RN, Team Lead, Parkland Antigonish
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

President’s Leadership Excellence Award

Given to an individual who demonstrates excellence in leadership and exhibits all our core values and Guiding Principles.

Kyle Richardson

RN, Director of First Nations Services and
Regional Manager, Sydney Enhanced Care
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Founder’s Seal of Excellence

Presented to a campus that demonstrates high performance in Resident Satisfaction, Health and Wellness, Financial Stability, Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction.

Celtic Court

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Congratulations to this year’s Excellence Awards winners. Your commitment to making our communities a great place to live, work and visit is remarkable.

Want to become one of our Great People? Learn more about rewarding careers at Shannex.

Shannex Excellence Awards | President’s Leadership Excellence Award

août 1, 2023

Kyle Richardson, Sydney Enhanced Care

This year’s recipient of the President’s Leadership Excellence Award is Kyle Richardson, a Registered Nurse, Director of First Nations Services and Regional Manager, Sydney, Enhanced Care.

Kyle also volunteers his time as Chair of the Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association Board of Directors.

Kyle began his career at Shannex five years ago as Director of Care at Harbourstone Enhanced Care. Since then, he has taken on increasing levels of responsibility while being a compassionate and trusted leader.

Kyle supports residents, families and hundreds of team members at Celtic Court and Harbourstone. He advocates for residents and team members respectfully, and challenges the status quo in the interest of continuous improvement. Kyle’s response to nearly everything asked of him is his trademark, “Absolutely!”

We are proud to have Kyle on our team and this award is well deserved!

The 2023 Excellence Awards recipients are a shining example of why Shannex and its Great People are Leading the Way to Better Living. Read more about our great people, like Kyle, who were recognized at our 2023 Excellence Awards ceremony.

Shannex Excellence Awards | Founder’s Seal of Excellence

août 1, 2023

Celtic Court

The Founder’s Seal of Excellence is presented to a community who demonstrates high performance across Resident Wellbeing, Employee Experience, Service Excellence, Healthy Business and Environmental Sustainability.

This year, our Executive Leadership team was pleased to present Celtic Court with this honour.

Celtic Court consistently receives exceptional results on Employee Engagement and Quality of Life surveys as well as safety measurements, but more than that, Site Manager Roxanne Gillis, and her team in Sydney, NS have created a true home for 36 residents and their families.

Congratulations to Roxanne and the amazing team at Celtic Court.

The 2023 Excellence Awards recipients are a shining example of why Shannex and its Great People are Leading the Way to Better Living. Read more about our great people, who were recognized at our 2023 Excellence Awards ceremony.

Free Groceries for a Year!

août 1, 2023

Embassy Hall

Mandy Scott has been a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) at Embassy Hall, a licensed nursing home in Quispamsis, since 2010.

During Great People Month, she was the lucky winner of our Year of Free Groceries campaign.

Embassy Hall is part of the Parkland in the Valley campus located on Swanton Drive in Quispamsis, NB.

Explore our Nursing Homes in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario

Great People Month

août 1, 2023

The month of May is Great People Month, a time to celebrate our team members who work together to make our communities vibrant places to live and work.

Organized in weekly themes – one for each of our Guiding Principles – Great People Month featured a full calendar of events, including a virtual passport with hidden QR codes. Team members could find and scan digital ballots for prizes. The grand prize was free groceries for a year! The month also included our annual Excellence Awards, a Presidents’ Town Hall and an organization-wide Great People party.

At Shannex, we understand the work you do makes possible a life beyond our communities. We recognize the very important role we have in your life and are committed to a welcoming workplace where every team member can be proud, belong and be their potential. 

Read more about our Great People and Shannex Total Rewards.

Learning and Development

août 1, 2023

We are committed to providing learning opportunities so our Great People can grow with us.
We recently launched Lead Blue, an updated version of our leadership development program.
Its five levels are designed to prepare team members for varying levels of responsibility with Shannex.

Join the Leadership Book Club

Our Leadership Book Club is an opportunity to collaborate with team members and develop leadership skills.
To learn more about Lead Blue or the book club contact for more information.

New Communities

août 1, 2023

Bedford Square

This Lifestyle Community is a multi-phased development designed to inspire social connection and pride of place. The new age-friendly Lifestyle Community will be home to Parkland Bedford Square and Bloomsbury Place, offering accessible public spaces, amenities, memberships and more.

Parkland Ancaster

Set to open next summer, Parkland Ancaster hosted its first information session on June 28th, to share more information about this beautiful new community. Those who couldn’t make this event can visit the new presentation centre which opened onsite in July.

Parkland West Bedford: The Stratford

Opening soon, The Stratford is a Supportive Lifestyle building located at the Parkland West Bedford campus. It will offer Assisted Living and Memory Care services.

Open House Day for Parkland

Parklands across Nova Scotia were filled with excitement and energy in June as we hosted Open House Day welcoming potential new community members.

Volunteer Spotlight

août 1, 2023

Grace the Doxie

Grace, a miniature long hair Dachshund, and her bestfriend Elaine recently received the Volunteer Excellence Award for donating their time at Monarch Hall. They have been volunteering with Shannex since last year and recently, Grace became certified as a Canadian Kennel Club Therapy Dog through the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. While Grace loves the belly rubs from residents and team members, Elaine says her favourite moments are when residents share memories of past pets.

Thank you, Grace and Elaine!

Tom and Roxy

Roxy and her owner Tom have been taking trips to Arborstone. She provides lots of warm cuddles and play time with residents. It’s a pleasure to have Tom and Roxy as volunteers.

Explore Arborstone Enhanced Care

Miramichi Recognizes its Volunteers

The management team in Miramichi, NB recently hosted an appreciation social to recognize the volunteers who give their time to our residents in the Miramichi region. Paula Somers, a resident of Bridgeview Hall, spoke at the event, “My life has changed, I now have a great social life thanks to all of our volunteers.” More than 120 people gathered on Main Street at Losier Hall for the event.

Our new homes feature an innovative Main Street concept designed to feel like a small downtown street. Residents can stroll along the street, visit the chapel, café, theatre or town hall.

Explore Main Street

Neill Hall Mailbox Project

Neill Hall and York Care Centre recently partnered on a mailbox pilot project connecting 70 residents to the greater community of Fredericton, NB through special mail deliveries.

The project is possible through the support of community partners including family members, Home Depot, Covey Basics, the New Brunswick Alzheimer Society, the Retired Teachers Association, St. Thomas University’s Bachelor of Social Work students, many volunteer mail messengers from Keller Williams Capital Realty, and children from the YMCA Fredericton, The Ville, Gibson-Neill Memorial Elementary school and École Sainte-Anne.

The benefits of volunteering in our communities are often felt by a resident and the volunteer by forming friendships and connections. Our locations can work with you to determine how often and the length of time you would like to give.

Learn more about volunteering with Shannex


Innovation to Improve Care

août 1, 2023

Resident Della and Joelle, RN from Parkland Riverview

Shannex is proud to be partnering with The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation to be one of 40 new innovation projects participating in the Spark program to solve real-world care challenges.

Our nurse call system uses real-time location tracking to safely monitor residents. By looking at residents movement data, we can predict and mitigate health problems in our long term care residents.

Learn more about CABHI’s Spark program

June Celebrations

août 1, 2023

Creating communities where everyone feels seen, valued, and celebrated is not just a goal, it’s our responsibility. June was a great opportunity to recognize a number of important cultural events and celebrations.

In June we celebrated Filipino Heritage Month, PRIDE, National Indigenous History Month and Multiculturalism Day. We are on a learning journey to create more inclusive spaces.

Shannex was a Platinum Sponsor of Philippine Fiesta! in Halifax, NS. Festivities were attended by many of our Great People, including members of our International Recruitment Team.

Parkland Clayton Park recognized Indigenous History Month with an informational display of Indigenous languages, cultures and arts.

Losier Hall residents had an incredible time touring the Metapenagiag Heritage Park on National Indigenous Peoples Day, and PRIDE flags were raised at many communities throughout June in support of PRIDE Celebrations.

At Shannex, we understand that what makes us unique, makes us strong. We believe diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is about creating a culture that embraces the uniqueness of individuals, where every person is treated fairly and where racism and discrimination are not tolerated.

Learn about our commitment to diversity

Student Smiles

août 1, 2023

Aayush Gumber

Say hello to Aayush, who works as a MITACS intern and Health Informatics Analyst in the Shannex Insights Lab. Aayush has completed the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Analytics from Cape Breton University. His role is evaluating baseline resident data trends to anticipate important health events or changes in the health status of long term care residents.

Simran Kaur

Simran is a recent graduate of Cape Breton University’s Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Analytics and is currently a Data Analyst at Shannex. Simran uses data to improve residents’ lives. Simran says what attracted her to work at Shannex was, “the good work that Shannex does for people.”

Megan White

Megan will soon graduate from Mount Saint Vincent University and is spending the summer at Caritas Residence in an Administrative Dietetic Internship position as she completes her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition degree with a minor in chemistry. She shares that, “Shannex team members and residents have been very welcoming, and it’s easy to feel the caring and respectful community culture.”

Emma Christensen

Meet Emma, a Dalhousie University student completing a double major in Environmental Sustainability and International Development. She is a Summer Waste Management Intern at Shannex’s Home Office, working to inspire residents and team members to apply proper waste management. Emma’s goal is for people to think twice about their consumption of single use plastics and food waste.

View student career openings at

Prom Fashion Fun

août 1, 2023
Students from Riverview High School

Parkland Riverview

In what has become an annual tradition, Parkland Riverview warmly welcomes students from Riverview High School to get a glimpse of their formal prom fashions.

Residents enjoyed meeting and chatting with all the students and hearing their plans after graduation. Three of the students work with Parkland Riverview as servers so there were some familiar faces in the group.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

Explore Parkland Riverview

Reimagining Recruitment

août 1, 2023

The recruitment team has an important role in welcoming the newest members of our Great People family. They recently came together to focus on annual planning and goal setting. Over the past year, they have worked to evolve the recruitment process and developed a new employer brand platform, including a careers landing page and new recruitment booklet.

Check out our current job opportunities at!

If you have any questions about a particular opportunity talk to your manager or reach out to to speak to a recruiter.

Great Rewards for Great People

août 1, 2023


Consult+ is our virtual health, employee and family assistance program, providing peace-of-mind access to 24/7 virtual health and wellness support for Shannex team members and their family who are enrolled in our extended health benefits.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services can help diagnose and treat short-term mental health issues, including insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, grief, bereavement, and adjustment disorders.

Virtual Health Care Services

Get quick and easy access to a variety of health care professionals using the secure mobile app or website.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Access professional services from providers with experience in counselling, social work and crisis management.

At Shannex, we understand the work you do makes possible a life beyond our communities. We recognize the very important role we have in your life and are committed to a welcoming workplace where every team member can be proud, belong and be their potential. 

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Great People Give

août 1, 2023
The team at East Hants Community Learning Association, recipient of one of our community spirit grants, accompanied by Heather Hanson, Vice President, Strategy and Brand

Our teams make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. Inspired by them, Great People Give donations are awarded quarterly on behalf of team members who nominate and vote for organizations supporting seniors in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Nominated community groups with the most votes in each province receive a donation on behalf of our Great People.

To date, we have made donations to six organizations:

• Shelter Nova Scotia
• Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay (Bay Seniors)
• Miramichi Accessible Transit
• Hospice Fredericton
• The Dorothy Ley Hospice
• Passion for Parkinson’s Foundation

Shannex Cares – Community Spirit Grant

Our Shannex Cares community program allows us to influence real change and make a difference in the lives of seniors. One of the ways we do this is through our Community Spirit Grants which offer funding for organizations to support projects and initiatives within our focus areas of seniors’ wellness, seniors’ active living, and seniors’ social connections.

$11,000 Donation for Wildfires

août 1, 2023
Jodi Bartlett, Maureen Banyard and Danielle McCormick at Parkland at the Gardens presenting the cheque to The Salvation Army

Parkland at the Gardens

Maureen Banyard, resident at Parkland at the Gardens, raised $11,000 for The Salvation Army Emergency Fund to support people impacted by the Nova Scotia wildfires.

When Maureen heard about the devastating results of the fires, she quickly sprang into action to help community members in need. Maureen has also been recognized with the Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

Thank you, Maureen, for your continued kindness to people everywhere.

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Community Spirit Grants

août 1, 2023

Through our Shannex Cares Community Spirit Grants, we offer funding for organizations to support projects and initiatives within our focus areas of seniors’ wellness, seniors’ active living, and seniors’ social connections.

We are now accepting applications for our Community Spirit Grants! Will you be part of our next group of recipients? If you are an elder ally or if you know a community organization doing great work supporting seniors, we want to hear from you!

Visit to submit your application.

Deadline September 30, 2023


août 1, 2023

National Nursing Week

Parkland Saint John celebrated Nursing Week by holding an event for the many retired nurse residents.

We all Scream for Ice Cream

Caritas residents enjoying ice cream from the Play Dough ice cream truck!

Easter in New Brunswick

Easter was celebrated at Faubourg du Mascaret with an Easter egg hunt for everyone to enjoy!

Tutus and Talent

Dancers from Halifax Dance visited Parkland at the Gardens to perform ballet and hip-hop routines. Residents enjoyed
the beautiful costumes and energetic moves.

SPCA Donation

Lifestyle Consultant Sandra O’Donnell from Parkland Fredericton delivered a $500 donation to the SPCA on behalf of residents. Money was raised through a resident yard sale.

Dementia Care

Beth House, from the Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia, presented an educational session at Parkland at the Gardens on how to better understand and interact with people living with dementia.

Carnival Fun a Thomas Hall

Residents and team members’ children enjoyed an intergenerational carnival at Thomas Hall. The afternoon was filled with music, a magician, popcorn, games and prizes.

Conference in Niagara

Angie Collett, Lisa Snodgrass, Sarah Mahmoud and Cindy Marble at the Gerontological Nursing Association conference in Niagara Falls presenting the development of clinical guidelines for using the Tenera nurse call system.

Neill Hall Memorial Service

Neill Hall recently hosted a memorial service where butterflies were released. The beautiful orange butterflies, which symbolize a visit from a loved one, were released at the event in memory of Neill Hall residents who have passed.

Donut Day at Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall celebrated National Donut Day; team members were served a sweet treat for the amazing work they do.

Mother’s Day in the Gardens

Ryan Hall celebrated National Donut Day; team members were served a sweet treat for the amazing work they do.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day was celebrated at Parkland on the Glen with an international beer tasting. Five different beers from Poland, Slovak, Ireland, Turkey and Austria.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Pauline Piers, resident at Parkland West Bedford, enjoys getting outdoors and walking around her community everyday. She even goes out multiple times a day!

Meet the Centenarians

août 30, 2023

Bridgeview Hall

Mary MacDonald celebrated her 102nd birthday at Bridgeview Hall in Miramichi. Her smile says it all!

Vimy Court

Louise Fielding from Vimy Court turned 105 on Canada Day! Her favourite activity is watching Jeopardy!