Memories of maple syrup

August 6, 2019

We all know that food can evoke powerful memories. Whether it’s the smell of bread reminding us of our mother’s baking or the taste of fresh strawberries  transporting us back to the berry-picking days of our youth, food is one of the many ways we connect with our past and with each other. In Shannex nursing homes in New Brunswick, we work with a partner organization called Compass to provide residents with the best in food, housekeeping and laundry services. This is the story of a Great Connection between a Compass team member who loves her job and a Shannex resident who enjoys French toast.

Pam Jeffers, a Compass team member working at Parkland in the Valley in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, can’t imagine working anywhere else. One day she was tidying up after having made and served French toast with maple syrup. Seeing that one of the residents had cleaned his plate, she commented, “Either you were hungry, or I’m a good cook”. After bringing him seconds, the resident told her that the meal reminded him of when, as a boy, he would go with his grandfather to tap trees and bring the sap back to his grandmother, who then would boil it and serve freshly-made syrup over pancakes. According to Pam, bringing back memories like these is a very important part of her job.

There can be no doubt that these moments of connection play a significant role in helping residents live their best life. Thank you to Pam and every Compass and Shannex team member for the work they do every day to create connections, small and large, with residents and their families.  


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