Boating for every body

July 5, 2019

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the Great Connections we make with the communities we call home. By building meaningful relationships with people, organizations, places and our natural surroundings, we enrich our own lives as well as those of the people around us. For individuals with limited mobility, getting out into nature can sometimes be difficult, and that’s where CharterAbility comes in. We are very lucky to have a Great Partner that helps us make Great Connections with the Great Outdoors.

CharterAbility is a charity in Oakville, Ontario, dedicated to providing accessible recreational boating experiences to people who may otherwise not have an opportunity to enjoy local waterways. In the summer of 2019, Parkland on the Glen partnered with CharterAbility to take residents on a boat cruise along 16-Mile Creek and through a wildlife sanctuary right in the heart of downtown Oakville. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a wonderful time.  

Parkland on the Glen would like to thank CharterAbility for making it possible for residents to spend some time in the Great Outdoors.


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