Second Wave Response: High Alert Areas

November 20, 2020

Part of our Wave 2 response to COVID-19 is to declare “high alert areas” for our communities located in an area where there is a spike in COVID-19 cases. For these “high alert” locations, we will implement increased precautions. This approach allows us to protect residents and team members by controlling the flow of people in and out of our communities while continuing to allow visitors in communities not affected by the outbreak.

If a community is located in a “high alert” area, residents and families will receive notification from the management team at that location including information about precautions in place. Typically, precautions will be as follows and mainly affect visiting. These will be in place temporarily and assessed daily.

  • For licensed long term care, memory care and assisted living buildings, all indoor, outdoor and off-site visits would be temporarily suspended with the exception of previously identified designated support people and palliative care visits.
  • Residents would be permitted to leave the community to attend appointments and upon return, actively screened.
  • For all other retirement living buildings, visits are permitted but must take place in the resident’s suite and visitors will be provided with a medical mask and actively screened when they arive.
  • Residents may leave the building and will be actively screen upon return.
  • Visitors coming from a high alert area will be restricted from entering any location outside the area.

As we respond to Wave 2, sometimes, we will proactively adopt protective measures before they become directives from public health bodies and this is always done with the health and safety of residents and team members as our guiding principle.

High alert areas will be listed on our website:
For questions or concerns about high alert areas, please contact a member of the management team at your community.

For information about our second wave response to COVID-19.
Information line: 1-877-541-0835


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