National Infection Control Week

October 23, 2020

October 19 to 23 is National Infection Control Week.

Everyone has a role to play in infection prevention and control. Lisa Snodgrass is our Director of Clinical Practice and Infection Control Specialist and she leads our COVID-19 response team. These are her thoughts on the importance of infection prevention and control during these challenging times.

Lisa Snodgrass
Lisa Snodgrass, Director, Clinical Practice and Infection Control Specialist at Shannex

Why is infection prevention and control important?

Infection prevention and control has an impact on every part of our lives and the lives of our residents. Being proactive and making infection prevention activities a part of our daily lives and routine can make a huge impact on the number of infections (COVID-19 and others) that we see in our communities. Things as simple as washing your hands, properly disinfecting surfaces and staying away from others when you are feeling unwell can go a long way.

How does your Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) certification help you in your current role?

Being part of IPAC has allowed me to gain more insights into non-clinical aspects of infection prevention and control that ultimately impact the clinical setting, such as construction and maintenance activities. It also has provided me with a network of subject matter experts world-wide which opens the door to new ways of thinking and innovative solutions to infection control challenges we may see.

What is Shannex doing to ensure we are ready for a potential second wave of COVID-19?

Our team ensures all aspects of infection prevention and control are covered. Because no one person can do it all, taking a team approach ensures we put forth a robust effort to managing the COVID-19 pandemic. We meet regularly and keep up to date with provincial updates and surveillance. During the first wave, our front-line teams, residents and families implemented all our precautions. With their feedback, we made some adjustments and feel prepared for a potential second wave as we enter the fall and winter months of this pandemic.

How can everyone help control and prevent infection?

By following Public Health directives and incorporating simple strategies like washing your hands, wearing your mask and keeping physical distancing a part of your daily routine, everyone can make a difference. With flu season approaching, it is also very important to get your flu shot to help protect yourself and others.


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