Accreditation with Commendation

August 4, 2023

Shannex is Accredited with Honors under the Qmentum Long Term Care (QLTC) Accreditation Program for 2023. Accreditation with Honors signifies that Shannex has exceeded the requirements of the Qmentum program. In the Accreditation Canada report, Shannex is recognized for its commitment to resident and family-directed care. While there is much to be pleased with Accreditation Canada’s experience and final report, we are undertaking this process to understand our strengths as well as areas where we can improve. Through this process and our own surveys of residents and their families, we have developed quality improvement plans at the organizational and community level to improve the quality of our dining experience and our after-hours social and leisure activities. Shannex is committed to providing exceptional care and service to its residents, while paving the way for a better life. Learn more about our journey with Accreditation Canada.


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