The Worlds Longest Cup of Coffee

May 1, 2023


We sat down with Joan and Clay Coveyduck from Parkland at the Gardens to chat about their love story. When we asked Clay about their first date he shared that when they were both new students at Mount Allison University he asked Joan to go downtown for a coffee … and it’s been the longest coffee date he’s ever had!

There is no shortage of laughter in this marriage. We asked Clay what he thinks Joan’s first impression of him was, he puffed up his chest, flexed his muscles and with a big grin replied, “How could she be so lucky?” Which promoted an eye roll and chuckle out of Joan.

Downsizing from a family home can be a daunting undertaking but a move to Parkland is also fun and exciting – especially if you’re still able to banter like Clay and Joan after a 58-year long coffee date.


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