Welcome Home Captain!

May 1, 2023


In January, we were proud to welcome former Saint John Fire Department Captain Bryan “Bogie” MacDonald as the first resident to move into Cohen Hall in Saint John, N.B. Bogie worked on the Rescue Squad located in Uptown Saint John for most of his 36-year career and is still referred to as the “Squad Father” as a testament to the impact that he has had on those who worked on the Squad over the years.

While Bogie took his role serving his community seriously, his career was not without its lighter moments. His humour was known to help de-escalate the mental stresses inherent in the firefighter role. In fact, many of the firefighters who looked up to Bogie adopted numerous parts of “Bogie Talk” from Captain MacDonald. One of Bogie’s firefighting students recently recalled that Bogie’s word for Magician was “Magican” and even after being corrected Bogie continued to refer to “Magican” as the standard name for David Copperfield’s career profession.

We are proud to have Captain Bryan “Bogie” MacDonald as part of our Cohen Hall family.

Captain Bryan “Bogie” MacDonald

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