An Arborstone Love Story

November 9, 2023

Arborsone Enhanced Care

On any given day, you’ll find a long list of activities underway at Arborstone Enhanced Care in Halifax, NS, but on Friday, July 21st, there was only one event everyone was looking forward to: Darlene and Joey’s wedding. 

Darlene says she wasn’t looking for love when she moved into the Arborstone in 2013. Twice married before, she was settling into her new home and adjusting to living with a disability after a stroke. When Joey moved in a few years later, the pair fell into an easy friendship, and 12 months after that, they were inseparable. “He’s my smile in the morning and my smile at night,” Darlene shared. 

“First thing I do – as soon as I get up in the morning is give Darlene a kiss. Then I get my things together,” Joey said, echoing her sentiment. 

On their wedding day, the community was a hive of activity.“This is our residents’ home – it’s their neighbourhood, their community. It’s where they create memories and lasting friendships,” said General Manager Michelle Clark. “It’s important that we create a safe space for them to live well.

There were few dry eyes when the bride glided down the aisle in a wedding dress donated by Michelle while Music Therapist Erik Skinner sang the bride’s favourite song, “Keeper of the Stars.” 

Aborstone Hospitality Manager Derek Botma was Joey’s best man, while Sasha Brooks and Kayleena Willis, Darlene’s favourite Continuing Care Assistants, were her attendants. “I was the maid of honour, and I took it very seriously,” Sasha said. Later, Erik sang a duet with Community Manager Gabby Gaspar as Darlene and Joey began their life together as husband and wife.

“We’re really happy here at Arborstone. They treat us so well; we’re all a family,”“And now, we’re looking forward to just spending the rest of our lives together.”

Editor’s note: Much consideration and care went into Joey and Darlene’s special day. While not mentioned in the story, there were many other Arborstone team members and residents who played a direct role in the wedding, including Katie Jessome, the officiant; resident Terri R, poem reader; Erin Davison, wedding cake; and Dawn Priest, Adrienne Butler and Selena Parent who prepared and served refreshments.

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