Enhancing Technology in Enhanced Care

November 9, 2023
Mary Ann Castaneda, Ariane Galan, and Susanna Joseph

Having access to the latest technology makes it easier for our team members to do their jobs well. As more communication, healthcare, pharmacy and family engagement tools moved online, it became clear that relying on visits to the nursing station to use a desktop computer was becoming a service barrier for enhanced care communities.”

Team members told us that better access to computers would make their work easier and give them more time to focus on resident care,” said Dana Power, Vice President of Enhanced Care, Nova Scotia.

As a result, mobile workstations were added to each resident’s neighbourhood.

“The team here is so excited about the workstations – they can’t wait for a few more,” said Rose Lynn Demeter, the Clinical Support Lead at Arborstone Enhanced Care in Halifax, NS.

Dana says innovative initiatives like this one are often the result of direct feedback from care teams. “By listening to our Great People, we can continue to provide quality, safe care to our residents.”

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