The Joan Craig Bursary

November 9, 2023

Parkland at the Gardens

Joan Craig is an inspiring figure. Founder of Autism Nova Scotia, she has dedicated her life to helping families facing the challenges of raising children living with neurodiversity. Now a Parkland at the Gardens, NS, resident, Joan continues to be a driving force for positive change and has recently launched the Joan Craig Bursary.

“It’s been the policy of mine to help the Parkland sta further their education and achieve their dreams. It’s a habit,” said Joan. 

Joan’s bursary is unique because it has only one requirement: a genuine desire to better your life and achieve your aspirations. Just in its inaugural year, the bursary has already positively impacted the lives of the Great People at Parkland at the Gardens.

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Parkland at the Gardens, NS, General Manager Jodi Bartlett, Daniela Cavero, Mandy Wingert, Mary Jane Gonzalvo, Alex Gibson, and Joan Craig

Meet the 2023 Joan Craig Bursary Recipients:

Daniela Cavero

A personal support worker at Parkland at the Gardens, Daniela Cavero is pursuing her Licensed Practical Nursing Diploma at Nova Scotia Community College. The Joan Craig Bursary will support Daniela in her educational journey.

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Mandy Wingert

Chef Mandy Wingert has been an integral part of the Parkland at the Gardens team for 10 years. With the help of the Joan Craig Bursary, Mandy is now studying for the prestigious Certified Chef du Cuisine designation at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

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Mary Jane Gzonzalvo

Mary Jane’s journey towards self-discovery and professional growth started while in her role as a concierge at Parkland at the Gardens. With the support of the Joan Craig Bursary, she’ll be able to complete her Master’s in Engineering in Internetworking at Dalhousie University.

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Alex Gibson

Alex Gibson is a server at La Vie Bistro at Parkland at the Gardens. Through the support of the Joan Craig Bursary, he’ll enter his third year of Commerce at Saint Mary’s University

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