Joan Craig Bursary Story: Daniela Cavero

September 7, 2023
Daniela stands next to Joan Craig in the Dining Hall at Parkland at the Gardens.

A Parkland Support System

Daniela Cavero’s decision to pursue a career in nursing was deeply influenced by her meaningful interactions with the residents at Parkland at the Gardens (PATG). Daniela found herself drawn to the connections she formed while working with the residents. 

“I’m very thankful and feel the support from Parkland and Joan as I embark on my journey to become a nurse.” said Daniela. 

Balancing a part-time job at Parkland at the Gardens as a support worker while attending NSCC classes and clinicals has presented its fair share of challenges for Daniela, but the team at Parkland believes in Daniela and supports her in achieving her educational goals. 

“The Parkland community has always supported and encouraged me to follow my education journey in nursing. I was given the full support of my floor managers and work coordinators.” 

Daniela and Joan share the same goal, to help others and make an impact in people’s life. “Seeing each resident happy with a smile brings me joy because I know that their needs are being met.”

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