Great People Guided by

May 2, 2023

Thirty-five years ago, our founder Joseph Shannon, started us on a journey of improving the lives of seniors. Since that day, we have had a front row seat to watch team members build meaningful relationships and connections with every person who calls our communities home while also providing quality service and care.

We make a commitment to every resident and our Guiding Principles are our written reminder to uphold this commitment everyday. We are privileged to work alongside our Great People demonstrating what it means to be compassionate, honest, safe and professional.

Being Compassionate

Michelle Clark
General Manager,
Arborstone Enhanced Care

We show we care about every person in our communities by thinking about
their wellbeing in every interaction and in every situation. Michelle Clark has
woven compassion into every stage of her career with Shannex. Regardless of
the nature of the situation Michelle approaches every interaction with warmth and kindness, seeing the experience from someone else’s perspective.

Being Honest

Louis St-Coeur
Health Services Manager, Pavillon Landry, Faubourg du Mascaret

The act of being honest goes beyond just words – it’s measured by the ability to exhibit respectful actions towards others, keep promises and speak truthfully. Even in difficult situations, Louis’ ability to communicate with grace and compassion helps build trusted relationships with families and residents which was especially important with the opening of Pavillon Landry during the pandemic.

Being Professional

Kim MacDonald
Vice President, Property and Support Services

Displaying a strong sense of professionalism is the key to workplace success. It means conducting oneself with integrity, accountability, and always having service excellence top of mind. Having spent over 30 years with Shannex, Kim MacDonald’s approach to every challenge she undertakes is the true definition of professionalism. Whether it is managing a site, leading a team, or opening a building, being professional is not just about the work you’re doing but how you treat others in the process.

Being Safe

Morgan Lambert
Restorative Licensed Practical Nurse, Pavillon Neill Hall

Safety extends beyond maintaining a hazard-free space or practicing safe techniques, it’s the sense of comfort and feeling of security you exhibit. As a Restorative Licensed Practical Nurse, Morgan works with her teammates to ensure interactions with residents occur safely and while doing so, honouring their dignity and pride. Thank you, Morgan for your leadership.

Joseph Shannon

“I know, that everyday our team members protect the dignity and improve the quality of life for residents in our communities. There’s just something extra they bring to their work each day. This has been the way it is for 35 years and it will be the way it is as long as we operate. From everyone in my family, thank you.”

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