Shannex Cares

October 24, 2022

We care about community. It’s what started us on this journey more than 30 years ago, when our founder, Joseph Shannon, purchased a nursing home in Sydney, Cape Breton.

Since then, we’ve seen that strong connections between the people who live and work with us and the greater community create fulfilling experiences for residents, their families and team members.
Through our new Shannex Cares community program, we will continue to proudly make a difference by supporting and developing visible, meaningful opportunities for elders to be seen, heard and valued for their wisdom and talents and seek to dispel myths that seniors are disengaged from the world around them.

“If you’re one of our Great People, a community group, or individual who shares our passion for elder action, Shannex Cares is here to support you in this work.”

– Jason Shannon, President

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