Green Feature: Jenn Girouard

May 8, 2024

Celebrating Earth Week: Jennifer’s Green Spoons 

Shannex is proud to spotlight the remarkable efforts of our Green Heroes within our Parkland and Shannex communities to celebrate Earth Week. Today, we recognize Jennifer Girouard, the Health Services Manager at Parkland Riverview, whose innovative approach has made a significant impact on sustainability efforts at our communities. 

Jennifer, a former nurse with 34 years of experience, joined Shannex in February 2020. In her role, she identified an opportunity to reduce wastage from daily medication passes—a common challenge in healthcare settings. Jennifer’s solution? Replacing single-use plastic spoons with durable stainless-steel ones, marked with color-coded instrument tape to designate them for medication use.  

“These colour coded spoons can be quickly identified by all staff as those belonging to the nursing department for the medication pass and are returned to nurses after they have been washed by Compass staff,” said Joelle Mazerolle, Client Care Coordinator at Parkland Riverview. 

This simple yet effective initiative has already saved our home over 200 spoons a day, equating to a staggering 73,000 plastic spoons annually. 

“Instrument tape is hearty and subject to high pressure, heat and steam and can withstand several cleanings before needing to be replaced (it’s also inexpensive),” said Jennifer. 

When asked about her motivation, Jennifer emphasizes her commitment to leaving a better world for future generations. Her sustainable action not only aligns with our sustainability goals at Shannex, but also resonates positively with residents and team members alike. 

Looking ahead, Jennifer envisions widespread adoption of this eco-friendly practice across all Parkland communities. With its ease of implementation and significant environmental benefits, she encourages other communities to embrace this green initiative wholeheartedly. 

This Earth Week, let’s celebrate individuals like Jennifer Girouard whose dedication to environmental stewardship is making a tangible difference in our communities. 


At Shannex, we value our community and believe sustainable actions are more impactful when done together. Submit your green idea today.

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