National Day of Mourning at Harbourstone Enhanced Care

May 9, 2024
Residents and staff at Harbourstone Enhanced Care join in solemn recognition of the 2024 National Day of Mourning

Honoring Safety and Remembrance

This week Harbourstone Enhanced Care gathered in solemn reverence to observe the 2024 National Day of Mourning.

Mark Muldoon, Maintenance worker, and Vince Neville, Regional Building and Safety led a flag-raising ceremony, reminding us of the profound impact workplace accidents have on our community. Their words resonated deeply, honoring those we’ve lost and reaffirming our commitment to safety and well-being.

This memorable event reaffirms our collective commitment to safer workplaces. Made possible by the generous donation from Local 1183, the flag raising symbolized solidarity and remembrance.

Mark Muldoon, a seasoned veteran of our facility since 1987, shared his insights into what safety means in the workplace. “Quite simply, to me, workplace safety means going to work every day and returning home in the same condition.”

Throughout his tenure, Mark has been instrumental in driving safety initiatives. From advocating for comprehensive staff training to participating in safety courses, he creates a culture of safety.

“The new staff are our future. Every staff member works better when they receive proper safety training.”

By championing safety protocols and fostering a culture of vigilance, Mark ensures that every individual at Harbourstone can ‘enjoy the ride’ knowing they are in safe hands.

Recently, Harbourstone has implemented new safety programs and equipment. “From our new patient lifts to our maintenance program Asset Planner, we continue to provide staff with a safe environment that also keeps our residents safe, happy, and in a worry-free environment.”


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