A Message of Gratitude and Best Wishes

December 23, 2020

The year 2020 has had many challenging days. Some of the hardest over the past few weeks. Through it all, our dedicated employees showed up with care and compassion in their hearts, driven forward by a commitment to resident safety and wellbeing. Together, we worked to protect our residents and each other. Something we could not accomplish on our own.

We are grateful for the understanding and cooperation from residents and families. We know it is difficult to comply with the many restrictions in place during this pandemic. We look forward to when we can easily be together again.

We commend our government partners for the difficult decisions they have made and the support they have provided throughout the first and second waves of the pandemic. This collaboration has helped us in controlling the outbreaks of COVID-19 we have faced. 

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support. We wish you a safe, healthy and peaceful holiday season, and a bright New Year.

Jason Shannon
President and COO
Shannex Incorporated


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