Tucker Hall Resident Recovers from COVID-19 in Time for the Holidays

December 17, 2020

The past month has been challenging for employees and residents at Tucker Hall where a COVID-19 outbreak was declared on November 20. But Garda Bishop, an 87-year-old resident who tested positive for the virus, is focused on being grateful for the care she received and looking forward to being reunited with her family.

When Mrs. Bishop tested positive, she was quickly transferred to a cohorting area within Tucker Hall. In this area, she was cared for by dedicated staff who had volunteered to work only with COVID-19-positive residents. Despite having to get accustomed to a different environment, Mrs. Bishop said these team members were always there for her. “They made me feel so safe and comfortable. I was never scared. I don’t want to leave,” said Mrs. Bishop with a giggle. “The people take such good care of me here and they even keep me company while I enjoy my cup of tea at night.”

Terri Lynn Nelson is a Licensed Practical Nurse who usually works at our Thomas Hall nursing home in Fredericton. She was one of the employees who volunteered to care for COVID-19-positive residents. For her, this has been a career-defining journey. “Having the privilege to care for residents during such a challenging time has brought a whole new meaning to work I already loved,” said Terri Lynn Nelson. “I’ve developed deep relationships with residents and witnessed the support they provided to one another. They believed in themselves, that they would come through this stronger.”

Terri Lynn also acknowledges the team effort that’s been required to manage and prevent further spread of the virus at Tucker Hall. “The team is such an incredible family and I’m proud to be a member of that family, even if it’s just temporary.”

As for Mrs. Bishop, while it has been a journey, she’s glad to be considered recovered from COVID-19 by Public Health. “I’m happy to have recovered and I feel as good now as I was feeling before getting the virus,” said Mrs. Bishop. “Now, I can’t wait to see my family again, just in time for the holidays.”


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