Meet the Uke Group

March 10, 2020

Learning a new instrument may be challenging at any age, but Parkland Truro residents are up to the task and ready to rock and roll!

The Parkland Truro ukulele group, or “uke group”, was formed eight years ago after a number of ukulele players performed for residents. The performance was so inspiring that they decided to give it a try themselves!

Whispers of interest turned into outright excitement leading up to the first scheduled class.

The uke group started with eight residents and instructor Angela Dwyer-James. As classes got underway, the soothing sound of ukulele music filled the halls.

As the program progresses, the group continued to share their love of music by recruiting more talent and inspiring others to try something new.

It’s the stuff of music legend: someone wants to start a band, so they canvas the halls with sign-up sheets looking for like-minded souls who are ready to put in the work and find harmony.

The group comes together to laugh, sing and learn a new skill every Wednesday morning in the theatre at Parkland Truro. And the sound of ukulele music continues to drift through the halls.


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