Say Hello to Carlos

June 24, 2019

A Great Connection can take many forms, and at Northumberland Hall, it takes the shape of a large stuffed toy named Carlos. Carlos was brought in and is taken care of by Diane, whose mother-in-law was a resident for several years. During this time Diane and her husband developed close connections with the Northumberland Hall community and, although her mother-in-law is no longer with us, the bonds created between her family and Northumberland Hall remain strong.

Here’s what Diane has to say about Carlos.

I am Diane and I live in Upper Nappan, just outside Amherst, with my husband, Victor. Victor’s mother, Helen, was a resident at Northumberland Hall from 2013 until 2017.

Carlos is named after my grandfather. At one of our regular 5-year reunions, Victor decided that we should have a mascot, a huge stuffed animal we got from a neighbour’s yard sale, and name him Carlos! Later, after Helen moved into Northumberland Hall, Victor decided Carlos should also be a resident there so he could greet folks and maybe make them smile.

From time to time I go in to change his clothing for the season, holiday or special events. When we borrowed him in 2016 for our family reunion again, we left a message that he had gone on vacation, but would return! And he did.

Thank you, Diane, for sharing your Great Connection story and for continuing to make people smile at Northumberland Hall.    


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