Shannex and Sisters of Saint Martha work on a solution together

July 12, 2016

L-R; Randy Delorey, Minister of Finance; Leo Glavine, Minister of Health and Wellness; Sister Brendalee Boisvert; Joseph Shannon and Jason Shannon

Halifax, NS – After a lengthy and thorough process for the Sisters of Saint Martha, Shannex is happy to be providing a permanent solution for their congregation currently living in long term care in Bethany House.
“We understood the challenges the Sisters of Saint Martha were facing with a building that was not up to code and one that their frail population could not manage,” said Jason Shannon, President and COO of Shannex. “So we approached them with our campus model and after many thoughtful discussions, we are happy to be working on this project together.”
The Sisters of Saint Martha currently hold the licenses for 25 long term care beds occupied by members of their congregation. The new construction solves a safety problem, namely the risk of their nursing home beds residing in a building that does not have a sprinkler system. There are also a number of sisters requiring assisted living.
Construction will begin on a residence that includes 25 licensed long term care beds, 19 assisted living and 25 independent suites. If all goes well, the Sisters could be moving in to their new home in February, 2018.
“We are comforted to be entering into a partnership agreement with Shannex”, said, Congregational Leader, Sister Brendalee Boisvert. “We see this arrangement as unique as Shannex can offer multiple levels of care in one campus, allowing our congregation to stay together. They also have a successful history of community partnerships just like this one.”
An organization with 28 years’ experience, Shannex’s signature campus model is a well-established, proven concept which offers a full continuum of care and service. Shannex has similar partnerships with the Sisters of Notre Dame in Sydney, the Sisters of Charity in Halifax and Les Filles de Jesus in Riverview, NB.


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