Shannex Crowned 2023 Carbon Hero

December 11, 2023

Shannex been awarded the prestigious title of 2023 Carbon Hero by EcoPilot Canada | USA, recognizing its outstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and remarkable strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This accolade not only commends Shannex’s efforts but also positions them as inspiring leaders in the fight against climate change. As a trailblazer in seniors’ accommodation and care, Shannex has consistently demonstrated a dedication to better living, integrating innovative approaches into their services.

In 2020, Shannex embraced the power of Ecopilot®’s AI for HVAC software by implementing it in seven communities across the region. The results were impressive, showcasing substantial reductions in total building energy consumption.

Building on this success, Shannex has now taken a monumental step by contracting Ecopilot® to install the AI for HVAC solution across their extensive 24-building portfolio. This ambitious project, set to conclude early in 2024, anticipates a staggering energy savings of 3,830,000 KWh. To put it in perspective, this is equivalent to powering nearly 350 homes for an entire year.

Leading the way to greener living!

Learn how Shannex is committed to protecting the environment with an action plan that transforms the way we prioritize sustainability

Kim MacDonald, Shannex VP of Property and Support Services, accepts the 2023 Carbon Hero Award.

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