The Winter 2019 Issue of Connections is Now Available!

December 20, 2019
The theme of people coming together runs throughout this issue of Connections. Whether it’s Caritas Residence and Mount Saint Vincent University partnering to offer students volunteer opportunities, residents, team members and friends organizing cat therapy visits at Parkland Clayton Park or everyone at Debert Court focusing on safety and going a full year without a single Workers’ Compensation claim, working together is the way we do things.
Our passion for care is another recurring theme. Read all about how Shannex helped Remina Ayson realize her dream of working as a nurse in Canada and see how communities across Nova Scotia celebrated Continuing Care Month. 
In a publication called Connections it is only fitting that so many of our stories are about just that: connecting. We wish you many meaningful moments with friends and family at this joyous time and throughout the year.

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