I Love You a Latte

February 22, 2024
Ken and Carolyn Howlett have been married 66 years.

Thomas Hall

Ken and Carolyn Howlett

Ken’s bond with Carolyn, his beloved partner of 66 years, has never been stronger. Carolyn a resident from Thomas Hall Enhanced Care home in Fredericton, New Brunswick enjoys her daily visits from her husband Ken.

Carolyn said she fell in love with Ken when she was 14. When asked what attracted her to him, at first, her reply was his kind eyes.

Ken a known builder in the community, has always been a hard-working busy man. He stated that he and Carolyn worked as a team. “It is a two-way street. Both have to give a bit,” said Ken. He went on to say, that they have experienced difficult times like a lot of couples. He believes, in part, that their faith in God helped.

Together, they nurtured a beautiful family, their household complete with the addition of their fourth son. Now at 96 years old, Ken fondly recalls their early years, where even mundane tasks like washing cloth diapers were met with laughter and camaraderie.

With his sister also residing at Thomas Hall, Ken finds himself surrounded by the cherished women in his life, keeping him happily occupied at 96 years young. While he may not profess to be a romance expert, Ken’s declaration remains unwavering: their love has only deepened over the decades.


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