A Message from the President

August 24, 2023

Telling Our Story

I am pleased to present you with our Report to Community for the 2022-23 year, which was the final year of our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. We are in a much different place than we were five years ago, and while we have faced our fair share of challenges, we are optimistic about the future.

In our 35 years of providing service and care to seniors, there has never been more focus on our sector and we
are seeing a creativity and willingness to explore solutions. Individuals and groups are thinking in possibilities, and we are too. We are ready to rise to the challenge, and in this report, you’ll read about some of the strategic initiatives we’ve undertaken to support our people and our communities today, while ensuring we are prepared for the future.

We have increased the many ways we use data to make decisions that are rooted in evidence. We have stepped up to be leading partners on initiatives that support seniors as they age. We are building communities that are sustainable and connected to the greater community. We have transformed our approach to people and culture with significant investments in recruitment, retention, immigration, and workforce upskilling while striving to create a warm and engaging environment that celebrates diversity and encourages innovation at every level.

While 2022-23 marked the final year of our Strategic Plan, we had the inspiration and clarity to write our next chapter. We engaged in extensive stakeholder consultation to create a new plan that would see us address ageism, quality of life, service excellence, the growing demand for seniors’ housing, sustainability, trust, and the critical importance of our Great People. Guided by our strategic directions, which include Resident Wellbeing, Employee Experience, Service Excellence, Healthy Business and Environmental Stewardship, we have ambitious goals that will challenge us to lead the way over the next five years.
The momentum can be felt in every Shannex community and we are grateful to our residents and our many Great People whose support allows us to accomplish this meaningful work.

Jason Shannon, President


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