Shannex is committed to creating communities that value both physical and mental health. We consistently consider how things can be improved and value feedback and ideas. Every team member demonstrates a commitment to a safe and healthy workplace by recognizing and identifying risks, being careful and practicing self-care. We will continue to grow our safety culture through safety leadership, increasing awareness, ongoing training and education, promoting best practices and recognizing innovation and achievement.

Health, Wellness and Safety

Shannex believes that individual wellness positively impacts work and home environments. We are committed to advancing wellness within the organization through our Workplace Wellness Strategy which recognizes and supports individuals in their personal pursuit of wellness.

Virtual Health and Employee Family & Assistance Program

Your wellness matters to us. Consult+ is our virtual health and employee and family assistance program, providing peace-of-mind access to 24/7 virtual health and wellness support with access to a range of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, counsellors, psychologist and others.

Mental Health Resources

Wellness Initiatives

By supporting wellness initiatives, team members can realize their aspirations, satisfy their needs and cope with the environment to live a long, productive and fruitful life.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Your wellness matters to us. If you’re working through issues impacting your work, health or life, the EFAP offers you a range of professional counselling and specialized services.

Recognition and Rewards for Great People

Recognition is an important part of sharing success. At Shannex, we celebrate the impact of Great People and exceptional service in our communities in many ways.

Six-Step Ethical Framework

We encourage everyone to use this framework if you find yourself facing a difficult decision or issue. No matter your role, everyone can benefit from using this process.