‘I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.’

May 12, 2022
Arborstone Enhanced Care LPN Rose Lynn Demeter

When Arborstone Enhanced Care licenced practical nurse Rose Lynn Demeter thinks about what made her want to get into nursing, for her, it was always a calling.

“Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to get into healthcare somehow,” she says. “When I became an LPN, I thought I might want to become a registered nurse, but as I got working, I was comfortable and really enjoy what I was doing, so I decided to stay in my role.”

Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Rose Lynn moved to Halifax 20 years ago and has been an important part of the licensed nursing home community since it opened its doors in April 2002 (Rose Lynn started working in the community in 2000 when it was previously Armview Estates).

“When I moved to Halifax, I had a few options and decided to give long term care a try and quickly discovered that this is where I was meant to be,” she says. “Our residents always have a story to tell and being able to hear their stories and being a part of them is a privilege – I just couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”   

There are many things that make the Arborstone community special. What some people might not know is the community is home to seniors and young adults. When Rose Lynn takes a stroll down memory lane, there’s a particular time when her Arborstone family connected with her own family.

“A few years ago, some of the young adults in the community went to see a Men of the Deeps show. My dad is a member of the group, and I was able to organize a meet and greet for them,” she says. “Sometimes, when I see some of the residents who attend the show, they’ll ask me, ‘How’s your father?’ – it’s quite special for my two worlds to come together like that.”

One of the greatest joys that Rose Lynn has experienced working in long term care has been the connections she’s made over the years.

“You develop special relationships with residents, families, and your coworkers as well,” she says. “I have had at least eight to 10 coworkers that have been here since I started, and it’s quite nice; you develop friendships and relationships with them, you’re all on the same page, and everyone supports each other.”  

We would like to thank Rose Lynn for always going above and beyond to provide quality care and service to the residents entrusted in your care. Thank you for all that you do.

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