Inspiring the Next Generation: A Journey into Nursing with Jackie Parks

December 12, 2023

Jackie Parks takes the mic as part of health speaker series

Jackie Parks, a dedicated Registered Nurse and Community Manager at Thomas Hall, is passionate about her career.

She recently took centre stage in an online session aimed at inspiring middle and high school students to consider a career in nursing. Drawing from her own experiences, Jackie passionately discussed the nuances of nursing at the Centre of Excellence Allied Health speaker series.

“There are so many different opportunities in nursing, the jobs are endless,” said Jackie.

In her presentation, Jackie shared the opportunities and the education and training required for each.

Having transitioned from critical care nursing to specialize in geriatrics, Jackie spoke from personal experience about the profound satisfaction she found in dedicating her skills to the well-being of the elderly and highlighted the joy that comes from forming genuine connections with residents.

One key message echoed throughout Jackie’s talk was the importance of pursuing one’s passion. She encouraged students to pursue new opportunities, emphasizing that unexpected paths can lead to fulfilling and meaningful careers.

Watch Becoming a Registered Nurse and Community Manager in Long Term Care


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