Joan Craig Bursary: A Legacy of Inspiration

September 7, 2023

Joan Craig Bursary: A Legacy of Inspiration

Joan’s generosity has led her to offer $2,000 bursaries to four recipients this year.

Just in its first inaugural year, the Joan Craig Bursary has already made a significant impact on the lives of the Great People at Parkland at the Gardens.

What makes this bursary truly special is that it has only one requirement: a genuine desire to better one’s life and achieve their life aspirations. Joan is deeply inspired by the sacrifices that each employee at Parkland has made to improve themselves and fulfill their life’s purpose. 

The founder of Autism Nova Scotia, Joan Craig, is an inspiring figure who has dedicated her life to helping families facing the challenges of raising children with autism – a challenge Joan identifies with personally. Joan chose to turn her personal experiences into a driving force for positive change.

“It’s been policy of mine that I want to help the Parkland staff further their education and achieve their dreams. It’s a habit,” said Joan about her motivation for introducing this bursary to PATG. 
Joan is quick to share her appreciation for the support and kindness she’s received at Parkland at the Gardens, her home, for the past 10 years.  

“I can’t say enough about Parkland and Jason Shannon. They encourage people here to advance. And I think Jodi has done a wonderful job in her time here. Shannex sees the person, and what is best for their well-being, and I respect that.” 

Through her bursary, Joan hopes to ignite a ripple effect of generosity in Parkland communities, providing much-needed support for those who selflessly care for our valued residents. 

Jodi Bartlett sits with a resident and Shannex COO, Catherine MacPherson during the 10th anniversary of Parkland at the Gardens in 2023.

Meet Jodi

Jodi Barlett, the visionary General Manager at Parkland at the Gardens, brought Joan’s dream to reality.  

With a long-standing connection to the Craig family, working alongside Joan’s late husband, Jack Craig, at the Halifax Club, Jodi embodies the spirit of uplifting others, just as Jack did. “He helped me be a good manager. He lifted people up, and that’s what you need,” said Jodi. 

Joan is grateful for Jodi’s role in the creation of the bursary program. “Part of this project is appreciation. And I appreciate Jodi,” said Joan. 

Meet the 2023 Joan Craig Bursary Recipients

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“I wanted to leave something that would be meaningful. When I do something like this, it inspires other people. I hope to inspire Parkland residents to empower talented staff who dedicate themselves to helping others, creating a ripple effect of support and inspiration” – Joan Craig

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