Internationally Educated Nurses at Shannex

At Shannex, having diverse and inclusive communities is important to us. With over 400 Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) hired since February 2022, our Great People come from all over the world including countries like the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Ukraine, and Vietnam. The experiences and insights IENs provide help continue our growth as we Lead the Way to Better Living.

Working with us means supporting our various communities through providing compassionate care for all. Our Internationally Educated Nurses work with a care team that is dedicated to helping seniors with their medical needs. Their role includes supporting their team through leadership and attending to residents’ health and wellbeing.

A nursing role with Shannex means International Educated Nurses can make lasting memories and connections with residents. Their work in a Healthcare and Clinical career with us creates a high sense of purpose knowing their care is helping seniors, their team, and overall, their community.

Nursing Care with Us

Every day, our nurses lead by putting residents first. They understand the importance of choice and independence for residents when providing them with their medical care. Seniors living in our communities can choose how their care is delivered to them.

Working with us means you can provide meaningful work and care that residents want. Seniors living in our communities collaborate with nurses when establishing their care plan alongside family and other healthcare professionals. As part of our values, putting residents first is one of our top priorities when providing care and support to seniors living with us.

Our nurses also use their leadership skills to provide the care team with direction and support. They help team members develop their skills through coaching and giving feedback. Their role supports the care team through opportunities to continue their learning and growth.

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Transitioning into Nursing Care in Canada

At every step of the way, our teams support Internationally Educated Nurses as they transition their education and nursing certifications in Canada. We help our IENs through providing mentorship with an experienced nurse as they navigate updating their education and licenses.

In Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Internationally Educated Nurses from countries like the Philippines, Australia, United States, India, and Nigeria can practice with a conditional nursing license for four months as they prepare to take their nursing exam. While waiting, IENs will be able to get experience working in a long-term-care environment with us. This helps them better understand the medical services we provide and gain more confidence of what nursing care is like in Canada.

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Great People Supporting Great People

Our Great People support one another as IENs settle into Canada and their role with us. Shannex’s International Recruitment Team helps IENs as they navigate this process, whether it’s finding a place to live or helping with their onboarding process. Our team helps IENs adjust to living in their new country and working within our communities.

The compassion Great People show does not stop with residents. They continue this as they support new IEN team members in their communities. Often our new IENs are assigned to locations with people they already know either from school or relatives working close by. They learn helpful information and connect with fellow team members when coming to work with us.

Our Great People and volunteers always support others when giving back to their community. They come forward to help welcome new team members and offer relatable advice when helping them settle in their new country.

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Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Shannex is committed to a workplace that is diverse and inclusive. We understand the importance of belonging and building communities that embrace the uniqueness of individuals where everyone is treated fairly.

We strive to have communities where everyone feels seen and heard. The diversity of our Great People helps us become stronger and welcoming to all. We want team members, residents, families and our whole communities to feel inclusive and reflect many cultures.

At Shannex, we do not tolerate discrimination and racism in any form. What makes our communities so special is the diversity people bring every day. We understand that to lead the way, we must cultivate a space that is open and reflective of everyone.

Why Work with Us?

While working with us, our Great People make meaningful connections. They create lasting memories with residents and learn about their life stories. Our team members build special bonds with seniors and feel a high sense of purpose knowing their work is helping others. Working with us means your heart will be filled as you care for residents that feel like family.

The role of a nurse with Shannex means leading through our values: residents first, great people, improving quality, trusted partnerships and being accountable. Our Great People respect the choices and decisions of residents as they deliver exceptional service. They recognize the importance of always improving, building trusted partnerships with those who share similar values and showing accountability with their actions.

Our team members show compassion to all and support new Internationally Educated Nurses as they learn about nursing care in Canada and with us. They help others feel supported when providing care for our communities and becoming one of our Great People.

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