What is a Registered Nurse (RN)? 

A Registered Nurse (RN) provides nursing care to seniors living in our communities. RNs help residents take their medication and develop their own care plans to support their unique needs. They use leaderships skills to work collaboratively with Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to guide Continued Care Assistants (CCAs) and Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in the delivery of their care and professional knowledge.   

While working in a Healthcare and Clinical career with Shannex, our Great People benefit from practicing their education and giving direction to a team. Registered Nurses learn daily as they collaborate with their team and provide care to seniors. They build important communication skills when talking with families, residents, team members and other healthcare professionals.  Working as an RN in our communities means being compassionate and professional every day.

In addition, Registered Nurses will work with a team of dedicated individuals that are collaborative when providing care. Further, they are Great People that support seniors when creating a friendly and safe environment.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Leading and Developing the Care Team  

One of the responsibilities of a Registered Nurse includes helping new team members adjust to their role with us. They help team members feel welcome and assist with their training.

Similarly, RNs also use their leadership skills to provide direction to our Great People. For instance, RNs are responsible for managing the duties of the care team to ensure team members feel supported when providing medical and personal care.

The role in developing the care team means an RN will monitor its performance and provide coaching to team members. They offer regular training and education to reinforce and build upon their skills.

Delivering Nursing Care to Residents and Oversight to Team  

A Registered Nurse working in long term care helps provide nursing care to residents. Importantly, their responsibility when providing care is often helping residents with their unstable or unpredictable medical needs. 

Additionally, Registered Nurses serve as a resource to support other nursing team members. This can include observing them as they provide care and giving feedback on what they did great or what they need to improve. They are always there to help the care team with any questions or concerns they have.

Relationships with Residents and Stakeholders  

Creating strong relationships with residents, families, physicians, and other care providers is important to an RN with Shannex. An RN has regular communication with residents and families to keep them up to date with any health changes or new care needs.

Moreover, they work and communicate with physicians and other health care teams to help seniors with their medical needs.  For example, care conferences help each of these groups communicate with one another about the health and wellbeing of a resident.

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Completing Required Documents with Standards  

An RN is responsible for reviewing documents like Daily Resident Care Records, Medication Administration Records, and resident progress notes. Furthermore, their role includes making care plans for residents on what their personal care and medical needs are. This helps the care team provide the right personal and medical services to seniors living in our communities. 

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Guiding Principles

There are four guiding principles and actions team members lead by: compassionate, honest, professional, and safe.   


Our Great People guide their meaningful work by being compassionate. They understand the importance of empathy and patience when talking with others. They lead by respecting the feelings and privacy of others while being patient.  


Our communities are honest through trust and reliability. Team members build relationships based on transparency, clear communication, and responsibility.  


Our Great People are professional when providing care and services to seniors. They value team development and having diversity and inclusion in the workplace.   


Being safe means team members recognize the importance of identifying and reporting potential hazards. Observing and operating with safe workplace practices is always top of mind when supporting our residents.

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Resident-Directed Approach to Care

The resident-directed approach to care guides the meaningful work our care teams provide. They lead with residents first and know they are the ones who make decisions on the service of their care. 

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Becoming a Registered Nurse in Canada  

At Shannex, we support international Healthcare and Clinical professionals as they transition into updating their certifications and education in Canada. While working towards this, we help individuals keep working as they complete their studies. Their knowledge is something we value when providing care to seniors living in our communities.

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The Important Role of a Registered Nurse 

At Shannex, our Registered Nurses play a crucial role in supporting the care team through leadership and management. For instance, they provide coaching and education to team members while supporting residents and their needs. Their expertise and direction strengthen the collaboration of our care teams and overall, our communities.

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