Types of Nurses at Shannex 

At Shannex, there are many different types of Healthcare and Clinical professionals working to support seniors in our communities. The care teams in our nursing homes help residents with their medical needs through two kinds of nurses: Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). They work together as part of a skilled and dedicated care team ready to help residents whenever they need it.

The types of nurses at Shannex, LPNs and RNs, play an important role in communicating with others. For instance, they regularly speak and work with families, physicians and other care providers when caring for residents. They help build strong relationships with these groups to keep them up-to-date and aware of any changes in the health and wellbeing of residents.

Additionally, their role means being a leader for other fellow Great People on the care team. They provide mentorship to people like Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) and Personal Support Workers (PSWs) as they lead through the Guiding Principles of being compassionate, honest, professional, and safe.


Difference between LPNs and RNs 

Stable/Predictable vs Unstable/Unpredictable Care 

In our long-term care communities, the care our nurses provide can differ between the needs of residents. The type of medical care residents require will determine whether a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse will be the one to primarily provide them with their care.

Typically, our Licensed Practical Nurses will focus on supporting residents that’s care is stable and predictable. They will provide residents with their daily medications such as in the morning, midday and evening. LPNs also support seniors with their wound treatments.

Registered Nurses often support residents that’s medical needs are unstable and unpredictable. Their expertise helps provide additional medical care for those that need it most.

Difference in Leadership Responsibilities 

Both RNs and LPNs provide leadership to their care team, however, the level of leadership they provide can differ from one another.

A Licensed Practical Nurse supervises the personal care and assistance with daily living activities that CCAs and PSWs provide to residents. The LPN’s responsibility when supporting CCAs and PSWs is to foster and promote best practices for care. LPNs are there to help educate and give them learning opportunities as they evaluate their care.

The role of a Registered Nurse is to direct the whole care team. They support their team through providing ongoing training and education for team members. This helps the team continue their growth as they keep their experience and knowledge up to date when caring for residents.

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Why Work in Long Term Care 

Working in our long-term care communities means supporting others through providing compassionate care. The work our nurses do helps residents feel at ease knowing they are being cared for by Great People. The medical support RNs and LPNs give enhances the life of seniors as they connect with friendly faces daily.

Our LPNs and RNs learn about the life stories of residents as they support them with their care. Often, our nurses feel a high sense of purpose knowing the medical care they are providing is helping others.

The care team in our nursing homes can feel like a second family. Working together to support a vast community of people means our team members value helping one another daily. Whether it’s helping residents or fellow Great People, the sense of trust and compassion teams express helps our communities grow.

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A Nursing Career at Shannex 

A nursing career with us means using your knowledge and skills to provide meaningful care to others. Our teams work together to support seniors living in our communities, helping them live their best life. The care our nurses provide means residents know someone is looking out for them.

The work our team members do doesn’t go unnoticed. While working with us, we recognize that the care our Great People provide is the reason why our communities grow and thrive. That is why we provide Great Rewards for Great People to show how we appreciate their meaningful work.

Every day, our nurses lead by putting residents first. They value the life experiences and stories of residents as they support their medical care and needs. In addition, the commitment our RNs and LPNs have for residents helps families have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are cared for by a compassionate team.

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