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Spring 2024 Issue

In this issue:
Editor’s Note
President’s Message
Culinary Corner
Shannex and Blanc Labs
Clinical Corner: National Nurses Week
Going Green
We Care About Caregivers
Transitional Care Coming to Nova Scotia
I Love You a Latte
Future Great People: NS Pilot CCA Program
Chauffeuring Boxes of Care
Black History Month / African Heritage Month
Nurturing the Mind and Spirit
Pink Shirt Day
Shannex Proud
Resident Masterpieces by Terry Joyce
Tools to Learn: Learning & Development
Galentines Day
Great People Being Safe, Honest, Compassionat...
Team Member Spotlight: Alyssa Carrigan
We Caught You Being Great
Faubourg du Mascaret Resident Shares her Pass...
Wading into Life’s Changing Tides
New Communities
Beyond the Blizzard: Rylan’s 72-Hour Sh...
A Flurry of Events
A Journey of Dedication
From Pastry Chef to Community Leader
Great Rewards for Great People
Pivot Santé pour Aînés
Centenarians: Sharing 100 Years of Wisdom
Volunteers: A Work of Heart

Editor’s Note

May 8, 2024

In honour of International Women’s Day, a $2,000 donation was made to the Loretta Saunders Community Scholarship Fund. Loretta Saunders was an Inuk woman attending Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and just months away from graduating she was murdered. Loretta was a passionate advocate for an end to violence against Indigenous women and girls and an outspoken advocate for a just reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and settlers. This fund is available to Indigenous women from Mi’kma’ki, Nunatsiavut or Atlantic Canada.

Welcome to the spring edition of Connections!

As the weather changes,we hope the stories in the following pages warm your heart. This is a special issue dedicated to our team members, who we call GreatPeople. In fact, the whole month of May is a celebration called Great People Month.

In this issue you’ll read about communities across Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The stories showcase resiliency during severe weather, lifelong creativity, and community spirit.

We also feature the impressive lives of centenarians, our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, and a celebration to recognize a special group of volunteers for their years of support.

Like the title of this publication suggests, our goal is to establish connections with each of our communities and I think we’ve done just that. We love compiling all of these stories for each issue and we hope they bring you the same joy. Have a wonderful spring and remember to enjoy all the special moments with family, friends and loved ones.


President’s Message

May 8, 2024

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to present you with the Spring issue of Connections, which coincides with Great People Month, a celebration to honour the dedication, hard work, andpassion of our Great People. Over the next few weeks, there will be many activities and events, culminating in the Excellence Awards where we will recognize exceptional service and innovation across a number of categories.

I am proud of the incredible individuals who make our communities special places to live and work. They are the heart and soul of our organization. Their commitment to our Guiding Principles—compassion, honesty, professionalism, and safety—is what sets Shannex apart with residents and trusted partners everywhere we operate.

Our Great People have helped us achieve some significant milestones already this year. We’ve proudly opened the doors to new communities in Fredericton, Eskasoni and Moncton and these homes have already become vibrant places where residents and their loved ones immediately feel at home.

Recently, we embarked on an exciting partnership with Nova Scotia Health to bring a new model of care to the province. Transitional Care represents a real improvement for the future of healthcare. It will ensure patients, who would otherwise wait in hospital, receive the right supports as they transition to a place they call home.

As our organization evolves, the work of our Great People is more important than ever, and I am confident that we have the right teams in place to meet the growing need for quality service and care for seniors in our communities.

I hope this edition of Connections warms your heart and entertains you.

Happy Spring!

Jason President

Four times per year, president Jason Shannon and members of our leadership team host a President’s Town Hall to share organizational updates and highlight the achievements of our Great People. The February Town Hall was dedicated to team members in our Enhanced Care communities. Jason hosted the meeting from London Hall, one of our new licensed long term care communities. He was joined by continuing care assistant, Zeel Patel who shared some of the reasons she loves her work.

Culinary Corner

May 8, 2024

Asparagus Carbonara

The Parkland Dining Experience

At Parkland, every detail has been considered to help you live your best life in retirement. Our culinary team takes pride in what they do and get to know each resident personally. 

Discover the flavours of Parkland


10 oz of dried penne

12 oz of asparagus

4 large eggs

1 and 3/4 oz of parmesan, plus extra to serve

4 slices of smoked bacon


Cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling salted water according to the package instructions. Meanwhile, snap the woody end o the asparagus, then slice the spears roughly the same length as the pasta, halving any thick spears lengthways. Separate the egg, putting the yolk into a bowl, then finely grate the cheese and mix (do not use the white of the egg you can keep it for something else.)

Finely slice the bacon, then place in a large nonstick frying pan on a medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a generous pinch of black pepper and cook for 4 minutes, or until golden and crisp.Add the asparagus to the bacon for 3 minutes, then drain the pasta, reserving a cupful of starchy cooking water.

Tip the pasta into the bacon pan, toss and stir everything together, then remove from the heat and wait 2 minutes for the pan to cool slightly (if too hot, the egg mixture will scramble). Loosen the egg mixture with a splash of cooking water, then pour over the pasta, tossing and stirring vigorously – the egg will gently cook in the residual heat. Season to perfection.

Adjust the consistency with extra cooking water, ifneeded, and finish with a pinch of pepper and an extra grating of cheese, if you like.

Shannex and Blanc Labs

May 8, 2024

Improving Employe Experience and Resident Care

As part of a membership in the Coordinated AccessibleNational (CAN) Health Network, Shannex is partnering with Blanc Labs to deploy automated processes to improve employee transitions and reduce demands on operational, human resources, information technology, and business system teams using Robotic Process Automation.

“Our team members are focused on providing care and service to residents in our communities and we’re always looking to find ways to improve the quality of our work,” said Greg Heard, Vice President, Innovation and Technology.

Implemented by members of our IT and Business Systems teams, this solution will be used across 47 long term care and retirement living communities in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Read Shannex Adopts Automation to 
Revolutionize its Employee 

Clinical Corner: National Nurses Week

May 8, 2024

National Nurses Week is May 6-12, 2024, and this year’s theme is Changing Lives. Shaping Tomorrow. This theme acknowledges the remarkable and meaningful impact that nurses have on residents, and the communities they serve.

Nurses are at the forefront of health care innovation, and enable advancements in treatments, technologies, and practices. They have significant influence on shaping the future of health care and mentoring our next generation of health care professionals.

Thank you to our nurses for your advocacy, unwavering commitment to our residents, and for sharing your talents and expertise with us everyday. The care that you provide, the relationships you build,and the meaningful memories you create, do not go unnoticed.

This week and every week, we celebrate you

Noreen Muga, LPN, Parkland at the Lakes, NS
Mark Agudo, LPN, Debert Court, NS
Melissa Knowlton Wilson, Restorative LPN and Candace Dude, RN, Frederick Hall, NB


Going Green

May 8, 2024

Parkland at the Lakes

For Global Recycling Day, Sustainability Coordinator, Emma Christensen shared with team members and residents how to properly recycle and reduce waste.

At Shannex, we work to create green spaces that foster environmental stewardship. From paper to plastic to glass and electronics, every item recycled makes a difference.

Learn about Green initiatives at Shannex

Lisa Fanjoy, Wait Sta, Emma Christensen, Sustainability Coordinator, Faye Beaton,
Emma Christensen, Sustainability Coordinator, is presenting to residents of Parkland at the
Lakes, NS, on how to sort waste

We Care About Caregivers

May 8, 2024
A group of residents of Faubourg du Mascaret take part in an aerobic training session presented through the Pivot santé pour aînés program, in partnership with the Université de Moncton

Faubourg du Mascaret

In the heart of our communities, Elder Allies shine as symbols of compassion and care. Their dedication to seniors’ wellness, active living, and social connections embodies the spirit of Shannex Cares.

On Caregiver Appreciation Day in March, we recognized and celebrated caregivers in our communities for their commitment to the wellbeing of residents.

We love hearing about your
interactions with our Great People.

Do you have a warm experience, a photo, or thank you message?

Transitional Care Coming to Nova Scotia

May 8, 2024
Hogan Court, West Bedford

Hogan Court, West Bedford

In March the Province of Nova Scotia and Shannex announced a partnership to expand and enhance the transitional care centre at 21 Hogan Court in West Bedford, while also building a 110-room addition, for a total of178 rooms. This new centre will help meet the health care needs of Nova Scotia.

“We believe transitional healthcare represents a real improvement for the future of healthcare in Nova Scotia, ensuring patients who would otherwise wait in hospital receive the right support as they transition to a place they call home. We are grateful for the opportunity and for the trust being placed in us, and we look forward to meeting and exceeding the expectations of patients and our community.”- Jason Shannon, President, Shannex.

What is transitional care?

Transitional care provides support for those who do not need in-hospital care but still require ongoing support before they can transition to their home. Transitional health focuses on each patient’s individual care planning needs, restoring patient abilities,proper mobilization, nutrition, socialization, and care.

I Love You a Latte

May 8, 2024
Ken and Carolyn Howlett

Thomas Hall

Ken does not proclaim to be a romance expert, however he did say ‘things have never been better’ in his relationship with his beautiful bride of 66 years, Carolyn.

Ken visits Carolyn daily at Thomas Hall to offer encouragement, care, affection, and occasionally a latte or two. Carolyn said she fell in love with Ken when she was 14.

When asked what attracted her to him, atfirst, her reply was, “his kind eyes, they reflected such a caring nature.”Ken, a known builder in the community, has always been a hard-working man. Perhaps, this contributed to the fact that he said there was “little time for arguing.” He stated that he and Carolyn worked as a team, “it’s a two-way street… both have to give a bit”.

He went on to say that they are just normal people that have experienced difficult times like a lot of couples and believe their faith in God had helped. “Giving up was not an option,” says Ken. Carolyn felt the same and said that they were both determined to “make it work”.

Carolyn and Ken exemplify the meaning of true love and symbolize that love has no bounds.

Read An Arborstone Love Story

Future Great People: NS Pilot CCA Program

May 8, 2024
Amber Wilson, Restorative Assistant and Stei Hellmann, CCA, Thomas Hall

Through a partnership with the Government of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Community College, Shannex has created a new pathway to becoming a Continuing Care Assistant.

The Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Pilot Program is designed to help meet our communities’ need for more elder care in Nova Scotia – faster.

Classes began on April 1st, and 22 students will complete a combination of classroom and practical work for six months to become a CCA. A second class will start in October.

The program provides free tuition, an allowance, and two years of guaranteed employment upon graduation.

Learn more about Healthcare and Clinical Careers with Shannex

Chauffeuring Boxes of Care

May 8, 2024
Resident Olga Kovacik with Frank Sernaglia and Abigail Beveridge

Parkland on Eglinton West

Olga Kovacik, resident at Parkland on Eglinton West and two of our Great People, Chauffeur Frank Sernaglia, and Lifestyle Consultant Abigail Beveridge, delivered boxes of personal hygiene products to the Canadian Ukraine parachute organization in Etobicoke, ON.

Olga organized a resident collection of toiletries for new Ukrainian families who have fled to Canada. They filled four boxes for this initiative! Olga has been living at Parkland on Eglinton West since August 2021. She enjoys playing a round of golf and belongs to the Toronto Mandolin Orchestra who will play at Parkland on Eglinton West in December this year!

Our Shannex Cares community program is designed to deepen community connections as we deliver on our vision of Leading the Way to Better Living.

Learn about Shannex Cares

Black History Month / African Heritage Month

May 8, 2024
LPN Jami Jeffrey, resident Tammy Logan, SSA Viola Clayton, CCA Sasha Brooks, resident Susan Mills Downey, Rec Programmer Kaci Whitenect, CCA, Stellamaris Mmadukam, LPN Rose Lynn Demeter, Community Manager Taiwo Babalola, Hospitality Manager Derek Botma, CCA Kayleena Willis, Social Worker Katie Jessome, CCA Shelley Williamson, and resident Kim Phillips.

Arborstone Enhanced Care

In February, Arborstone Enhanced Care raised the African Heritage Month flag in support of Black History Month / African Heritage Month in NS. Events and activities took place across all our communities to honour the achievements of Black Canadians and Black communities while acknowledging the injustices and prejudice people of African descent have suffered because of the legacy of enslavement and systematic anti-Black racism.

To pledge our commitment to celebrating this special month, Shannex made a $1,000 donation to scholarship/bursary funds at Université de Moncton,University of Toronto, and Dalhousie University to support African Canadians pursing post-secondary education.

Together, we celebrate and honour the achievements of Black Canadians and Black communities.


Nurturing the Mind and Spirit

May 8, 2024

As nature begins to blossom, it’s a good time to turn our attention to our mental wellness and how our physical bodies, brains and lifestyles interact. Elevate your mental wellness and embrace the arrival of spring!

  • Nourish your brain: What we eat impacts our brain function. Prioritize nutrient-rich foods like leafy greens, vibrant fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans
  • Move your body: Exercise regularly to release those feel-good hormones. Aim for at least 15 minutes a day of physical activity
  • Prioritize your sleep: Create consistent sleep schedules, a relaxing bedtime routine and aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night
  • Cultivate meaningful connections: Mental well being is vital. Engage with friends, family and your supportive community
  • Reach out for support: Remember it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. No challenge is too small or too daunting to tackle alone.

At Shannex we are deeply committed to supporting the mental wellbeing of our Great People. We offer The Working Minds course through the Mental Health Commission of Canada. This comprehensive course equips our Great People with invaluable mental health education and resilience-building strategies.

Pink Shirt Day

May 8, 2024

On February 28, team members and residents at many Shannex and Parkland communities recognized Pink Shirt Day in solidarity against bullying and in support of inclusive spaces where everyone is accepted.

Parkland at the Gardens
Team Members from Parkland at the Gardens, Noemmy Mendoza, Arianna Arevalo, Alma Cerrada,Sheena Ancheta, Navpreet Kaur, Phoebe Donasco, & Krishna Patel
Medley Hall
Team members from Medley Hall and Neill Hall: Monique Corbett, Health Service Manager, Valerie Cameron, Workforce Coordinator, Gaetane Young, Receptionist, and Karina Barrientos, Workforce Coordinator
Carleton Hall
Glenna Gaunce, resident from Carleton Hall

Shannex Proud

May 8, 2024
Team Members from Home Office

Home Office

Our learning journey is supported by our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, a group actively engaged in directing our next steps towards cultivating a more inclusive workplace culture.

On Valentine’s Day, this group organized a Pride event at Home Office, featuring guest speaker Dan MacKay (Publisher of Wayves Magazine and long-standing LGBTQ+ activist in NS) to discuss pride and belonging in the workplace.

We ask each of our Great People to lead by example to foster spaces where diversity thrives, equity is upheld, and inclusion is embraced.

Learn more about DEIB at Shannex

Dan MacKay, editor of Wayves magazine and Vanessa White, VP of People and Culture


Resident Masterpieces by Terry Joyce

May 8, 2024

Parkland Clayton Park

Terry Joyce, resident at Cameron Hall in Parkland Clayton Park, NS was joined by fellow residents and team members at the opening gala for his Art Exhibit.

Terry began painting when he was 12 years old. In highschool, his art teacher encouraged him to paint with oil colors which he used until the 1990’s when he switched to acrylic paints.

“I have painted landscapes outside, but the weather and age led me to using my own photographs for my compositions. My several week-long excursions with professional landscape photographers helped me in my creation and inspiration of compositions for paintings. I learned the ethics of using only my own photographs for my paintings.”

Over the years, Terry attended courses at colleges,galleries and various art groups in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia and has sold paintings throughout the valley to agencies, restaurants and special exhibits.

“I have sold my paintings through an agency which advertised throughout Canada. I also sold works in restaurants in Kentville, Wolfville and Windsor as well at special exhibits at Acadia University when I was living in the Valley.”

At Parkland, we understand that wellness plays a significant role in helping our residents live their best lives. Through Parkland’s Harmony Wellness program, residents engage in activities and programs designed to stimulate their mind, body and soul.

Learn more about the Harmony Wellness Program at Parkland

Terry Joyce


Tools to Learn: Learning & Development

May 8, 2024

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity is what makes each of us unique. It includes our backgrounds, personality, life experiences and beliefs – the things that make us who we are and shape our view of the world, perspectives and approach to life.

We all want to feel valued and respected for who we are and what we do. That’s why Shannex is on a learning journey to include diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in our culture, fostering a space where we are respectful, understanding and collaborative. DEIB efforts are the practice of creating an environment where Great People of all background scan thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

The new DEIB toolkit for team members can help you learn more about how we can keep diversity at the top of our minds. Take part in the DEIB toolkit today!

Learn more about Lead Blue by emailing

Galentines Day

May 8, 2024
Phyllis Beaman, Muriel Bazinet, Gail Wolfe
Leah McInnis, & Christine Holland

Parkland at the Lakes

A heartwarming reminder that love comes in many forms.

Residents from Parkland at the Lakes, Nova Scotia celebrated their very own “Galentines” Day event during their morning coffee, sweet treats with even sweeter company. These ladies enjoy wonderful female friendships they’ve made over the years together.

Read more in Snapshots


Great People Being Safe, Honest, Compassionate and Professional

May 8, 2024

Every day, our Great People make a meaningful impression on residents, families and others in the greater community. They are inspired in their daily work by our four Guiding Principles, which are a written reminder to be compassionate, honest, professional and safe in all that we do.

The teams featured on this page have demonstrated exceptional efforts to stay true to these Guiding Principles and they inspire us all.

Every May during Great People Month, we take special pride in celebrating not only our remarkable team members but also the Guiding Principles that inspire our work.


The Team at Parkland Truro

There is nothing more important than the safety of every person who lives and works with us. Shannex measures safety in many ways, including the Safety Profile Score (SPS), a unique tool that documents legislative compliance and assesses occupational health and safety outcomes. A community who holds a robust SPS score is one that maintains a consistent commitment to provincial safety requirements and demonstrates continuous improvement toward creating a culture of safety.Parkland Truro achieved a perfect SPS score for 12 consecutive months. The diligent actions performed monthly by the team ensured there were no employee injuries during that time. This can only be achieved through exceptional commitment and due diligence. Congratulations to the Parkland Truro team for keeping everyone safe,secure, and protected!


L’équipe de gestion du Pavillon Landry et duPavillon Richard

Les équipes très efficaces prennent le temps de se connaître et de se soutenir mutuellement. L’équipe du Pavillon Richard et du Pavillon Landry à Moncton, au N.-B., a établi un lien profond et un système de soutien. Lorsqu’ils ne travaillent pas à fournir des services et des soins aux personnes résidentes, ils dînent ensemble sur la rue Main.Cela leur permet d’établir des liens et a donné lieu à des relations solides et de confiance.

The Team at Pavillon Richard and Pavillon Landry Highly effective teams take time to get to know one another and provide mutual support. The team at Pavillon Richard and Pavillon Landry in Moncton,NB have built a deep connection and support system. When they are not working to provide service and care to residents, they take time to eat lunch together on Main Street. This has led to strong relationships, trust and transparency.


The Team at Medley Hall

Welcoming residents into a new community requires compassion and patience. There are often lots of questions and much time spent getting to know each other. The team at Medley Hall, in Fredericton, NB is an inspirational example of how to do this well. Since opening the doors to their new home in February, the team has not only been a huge support to residents and their loved ones,but they have also shown each other kindness and respect as they settled into a new operating home. Compassion shines bright at Medley Hall.


The Team at Parkland on the Glen

Our dedicated team embodies a commitment to excellence in serving our residents daily. While keeping professionalism top of mind, they embrace the principle of meeting residents where they are, whether it’s through individualized attention or group interactions. They prioritize inclusivity by proactively engaging with residents who may have varying needs, whether it’s leaning in to ensure clear communication for those with hearing impairments or ensuring accessibility for those with visual impairments. At Parkland on the Glen, the team takes pride in fostering both an engaged workforce and delighted residents.


Team Member Spotlight: Alyssa Carrigan

May 8, 2024

Alyssa Carrigan
Director, Design Build Solutions

Alyssa has always had an interest in art history, design and culture and particularly in the relationships between fashion, architecture and design throughout history. What she loves most about her role after a year and a half with the DBS team is witnessing how the care and attention to detail put into the design of a new community makes adierence for the residents and their families.

More recently, Alyssa respectfully curated a local art, literature, and artifact package to represent the Eskasoni community throughout Kiknu. The Kiknu Gathering Space is where community, children and elders will come together for ceremonies and celebrations andAlyssa did an exceptional job reflecting nature through the use of earthy neutrals, organic shapes and imagery.

Kiknu includes several common areas where residents can gatherCourtesy of the Province of Nova Scotia

We strive to create a loving environment where Indigenous elders and residents thrive, embracing their heritage, respected for their wisdom, cared for with dignity and surrounded by love.

Learn about Kiknu

Alyssa Carrigan, Designer with Design Build Solutions


We Caught You Being Great

May 8, 2024

Michelle Smith,
Restorative LPN, Ocean Hall, NB

Michelle has a gift that makes people feel special and brings a positive attitude to every situation. She constantly goes above and beyond and makes even the little things important. She is diligent, hardworking and always willing to hel presidents when they need her. Michelle is a team player and tries to make each resident’s day a good day while also supporting her fellow team members

Nicole MacDonald,
Recreation Coordinator, Elk Court, NS

Nicole has been a Recreation Coordinator at Elk Court since January 2023. She is vibrant, enthusiastic, and engaged with residents. Nicole continuously surprises residents and team members at Elk Court with simple yet creative and fun activities. Thank you, Nicole, you’re an amazing addition to our team

Terrilynn Heeran,
Supply Coordinator, Cedarstone Enhanced Care, NS

As an environmental steward Terrilynn brings reusable cutlery from home with her lunch every day. This reduces single use flatware on our site, while also positively impacting over consumption. Terrilynn is a long service employee at Cedarstone’s Enhanced Care and is always engaged in activities and initiatives within the community

Caught You Being Great Awards recognize exceptional behaviors by employees who are clearly living and delivering our Guiding Principles: Compassionate, Honest, Professional, Safe.

Learn more about our Employee Recognition Program, Caught You Being Great.

Faubourg du Mascaret Resident Shares her Passion for Music

May 8, 2024

Une Résidente du Faubourg du Mascaret Partage sa Passion pour la Musique

Pavillon LeBlanc

Josette Levesque est une résidente du Pavillon LeBlanc. Depuis toujours, la musique fait partie intégrale de sa vie. Après avoir étudié en musique à l’école normale de musique à l’Université de Montréal (Westmount), Mme Levesque enseigna le piano avant de développer la véritable passion qu’elle possède pour le chant choral. Au fil des ans, elle assurera la direction chorale de divers groupes: groupes d’enfants, chorale paroissiale de Dalhousie au Nouveau-Brunswick, Dalhousie Music Club et enfin, Choeur Chante-Joie dont elle est la fondatrice. Le Choeur Chante-Joie formé d’une vingtaine de membres a eu plusieurs opportunités et a participé entre autres aux Arcadiades à Shediac et au Congrès mondial acadien en Nouvelle-Écosse.Récemment, Mme Levesque a eu le bonheur de faire découvrir le Choeur Chante-Joie aux autres personnes résidentes du Faubourg du Mascaret lors de l’activité Heure d’écoute, c’est dans la chanson qu’on apprend. Elle a partagé 11 chansons qui racontaient une histoire. Merci Mme Levesque de nous avoir offert une si belle activité.

Pavillon LeBlanc

Josette Levesque is a resident of Pavillon LeBlanc. Music has always been an integral part of her life. After studying music at the École normale de musique at Université de Montréal (Westmount), Ms. Levesque taught piano before developing her true passion for choir singing. Over the years, she has served as choir director of various groups: children’s groups, the Dalhousie Parish Choir in New Brunswick, the Dalhousie Music Club and, finally, Choeur Chante-Joie, of which she is the founder. The twenty-member Choeur Chante-Joie has had many opportunities to perform, including at the Arcadia des in Shediac and the World Acadian Congress in Nova Scotia.

Recently, Ms.Levesque had the pleasure of introducing the Choeur Chante-Joie to other residents of Faubourg du Mascaret during the activity Heure d’écoute, c’est dans la chanson qu’on apprend. She shared 11 songs that told a story. Thank you, Ms. Levesque, for offering us such a wonderful activity.


Wading into Life’s Changing Tides

May 8, 2024

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall, a licensed nursing home in the heart of Fredericton, New Brunswick, is home to Mary Ryan, a remarkable soul of 89 years young. With a lifetime of stories etched into her memory, she embarked on a new chapter.

Mary is not new to writing, having published several books already. As a former teacher, she has a way with words and her eloquent writing style keeps everyone wanting to read more.In her new book, she captures her experiences living at Thomas Hall and her reflections on the Guiding Principles outlined in the Blue Book, which serves as a compass for the Great People of Shannex.

Honourable Brenda L. Murphy, ONB, Lieutenant
Governor of New Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary Ryan,
resident of Thomas Hall


New Communities

May 8, 2024
Keith Bain, MLA, Victoria-The Lakes; Councillor Starr Paul; Councillor Bertram Bernard; Jason Shannon; Joseph Shannon; Honourable Barbara Adams, Minister of Seniors and Long Term Care and Minister of Justice; Eskasoni Chief Leroy Denny; Grand Chief Norman Sylliboy; Honourable Brian Wong, Minister of L’nu Aairs; and John Councillor Frank Toney


Eskasoni, Nova Scotia

Kiknu, which means “our home” in Mi’kmaq is Nova Scotia’s first long term care home on a First Nation community. Shannex is honoured to be partnering with Eskasoni to create a warm,welcoming and culturally significant home for their community.A special opening ceremony including traditional Mi’kmaq smudging of the new home, drumming and celebratory dancing was held with dignitaries and guests on April 17, 2024. Members from the community were also welcomed to tour the home the following day. Kiknu will be home to 48 community elders who will continue to be surrounded by Mi’kmaq culture and tradition

Her Worship Kate Rogers, mayor of Fredericton; Jason Shannon, President of Shannex; Honourable Jill Green, Minister of Social Development; Mr. Wendell Allan Ross, Medley Hall first resident; Honourable Kathy Bockus, Minister responsible for Seniors; Honourable Mary Wilson, Minister for Service New Brunswick and Joseph Shannon, Founder of Shannex.

Medley Hall

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Medley Hall is our newest licensed nursing home in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Connected to Neill Hall via our Main Street concept, the new community offers warmth and comfort to 60 new residents who call it home. On February 9, 2024, we had the privilege of having Medley Hall’s first resident, Mr. Wendell Allan Ross, join us for the official opening.


Beyond the Blizzard: Rylan’s 72-Hour Shift

May 8, 2024
Rylan serves Parkland Antigonish resident, Jean Flory, her morning cup of tea.

A three-day blizzard brought Nova Scotia, and team member Rylan DeCoste to a standstill back in February. 

Rylan, a high school student and part-time team member, plays a vital role at Parkland Antigonish. He serves as a concierge, managing the main entrance, and is part of the waitstaff, handling meal service for residents and guests. Approaching his one-year work anniversary in April, Rylan considers the residents and team members as family, a sentiment strengthened during the blizzard when he was stranded at Parkland Antigonish for three days.

“The staff were very supportive. The managers went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had a nice room to sleep in, and they even delivered us food and washed my clothes,” said Rylan of his weekend stay at Parkland.  

Brenna MacDonald, Business Manager and Lifestyle Consultant at Parkland Antigonish, commended Rylan’s dedication during the snowfall, describing him as a “rock star” who took on multiple roles and coordinated staff efforts. 

“Rylan stayed all weekend and helped in multiple roles and with coordinating staff as a main point of contact. He even had the opportunity to get a ride home with his mother but stayed to help another night,” said Brenna. 

This kind of support is not a one-time event. Fitting for the small town in the northeastern corner of Nova Scotia, Antigonish has a reputation of being a family friendly town. “When there is a storm, the managers will offer to drive to our personal residences to pick us up and drive us to work and give us a lift home when our shift is over,” said Rylan.  

Since starting with Parkland in April 2023, Rylan has discovered a passion for working with seniors. His favourite perk about his serving role is connecting with the residents on a personal level in the meal hall, and identifying how they’re unique in their food preferences. 

“I look forward to clearing Calvin’s dishes because I sit and chat about baseball for a few minutes each night. John will order a salad with poppyseed before his meal with a bowl of fresh fruit for dessert while Alice likes peach yogurt. Joe will always grab a cookie for dessert, but it can’t be anything with a nut in it. Not because of an allergy, but because he just doesn’t like it. That sort of thing makes this place special.”  

Rylan has also discovered a love for hospitality and says managing a Parkland community would be a dream of his. He has had many conversations with Parkland Antigonish General Manager, Adam Jamieson, about his own experiences in management, and hopes to follow in his shoes someday.

“This job has opened my eyes to the world of hospitality management,” said Rylan. “Being able to take care of others and manage a Parkland or hotel is an interest of mine.”

Rylan plans to pursue a business degree from St. Francis Xavier University, while still working at Parkland Antigonish throughout his studies.

Explore Parkland hospitality and service jobs in your city

Rylan in his Concierge role waiting to greet residents and their families.

A Flurry of Events

May 8, 2024

Parkland Cape

Terri Spooney with York MacEachern

When severe weather is in the forecast, our team members pull together to ensure they are ready to face all conditions.

In February, Nova Scotia was hit by a massive snowstorm leaving 150 centimeters of snow in Cape Breton, that’s nearly five feet of snow!

Undeterred, our dedicated Great People in many of our communities traveled to work by any means necessary to care for residents. We thank our teams for their resilient and persistent spirits during the snowy season.

Wellness coach Terri Spooney had to change plans quickly and decided to host events the Cape Breton way. She invited resident York MacEachern to play guitar as the snow piled up outside.

The performance turned the day around and residents loved the live concert.

Jennie Lutz-Burns, General Manager at Parkland West Bedford, joined her team to make sure walkways were cleared for residents and visitors after the winter storm.

Another snowstorm in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, turned one eight hour shift into 72-hour shift for one part-time employee:

Read Beyond the Blizzard: Rylan’s 72-hour Shift

Parkland West

Jennie Lutz-Burns, General Manager at Parkland West Bedford


A Journey of Dedication

May 8, 2024


Recently, the team at Caritas Residence joined together to celebrate their years of service awards, ranging from one year of service to 43 years!

Caritas Residence is a special place that has earned its reputation through the dedication of its team members to putting residents first and ensuring everyone feels welcome, whether they are moving in,arriving for work or visiting.The event included presentations of certificates,refreshments and a live performance from Morrisey Dunn.

Congratulations to the team at Caritas.

Mona Bastourous, Wanda Gosling, Keli Cyr, Julia Donovan, Emily Brundige, Lenora Greer, Evelyn Atienza, Jill Trask, Leonard Currie. Front row: Chloe Henderson, Andresa Simione, Lisa Wheaton, Brittney Davis, Mayuri Walture, and Colleen Dunn


From Pastry Chef to Community Leader

May 8, 2024

Great People Grow Here

Meet Angela MacAdam. A pastry chef by trade, Angela started asMaître d’ at Caritas Residence then moved into the Harmony Wellness program as a Recreation Coach to engage more closely with the residents. Now, as a Business Manager, she’s a driving force behind the community spirit at Caritas Residence, overseeing operations and wellness activities with the Sisters of Charity.

At Shannex, we want to help you learn and grow as a skilled practitioner in your field of choice. With multiple divisions and areas of specialty available, your path can be one of advancement if you choose.

Great People Grow Here


Great Rewards for Great People

May 8, 2024

Partnership with Mortgage Architects

Shannex recently partnered with Mortgage Architects, providing customized solutions for any team member who is looking to purchase a home or apply for a mortgage. With a significant focus on providing exceptional customer service, Mortgage Architects may be able to provide special discounted rates, cashback and exceptional mortgage terms and conditions.

This perk is available on Venngo WorkPerks across the organization and discounts will be available to all Shannex employees in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario.

We offer a broad range of Great Rewards that are accessible, flexible and responsive to your ever-evolving needs and we make every effort to apply our rewards fairly and consistently in a way that supports our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Visit the Great People Portal


Pivot Santé pour Aînés

May 8, 2024

Faubourg du Mascaret

Depuis 2019, les personnes aînées francophones de la région de Moncton bénéficient de multiples activités chaque semaine par le biais du projet Pivot santé pour aînés (PSA). Le PSA est un projet du Centre d’études duvieillissement de l’Université de Moncton financé par le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick. La gestionnaire du projet, Raymonde Saintil s’assure que le PSA crée un milieu d’innovation en santé pour les personnes aînées francophones en visant trois composantes :

1) le service aux personnes aînées, soit l’ore de services de promotion de la santé et de prévention de la maladie en français aux fins d’augmenter la prise en charge de lasanté;

2) la formation, soit de préconiser la création d’un milieu d’apprentissage novateur (expériences cliniques communautaires en gérontologie et gériatrie) et le développement de collaborations interdisciplinaires; et

3) larecherche, soit de promouvoir la recherche collaborative entre les chercheurs, les partenaires du PSA et le Faubourg du Mascaret.

Les activités les plus populaires sont les sessions de yoga, d’exercices physiques, le tai chi, les conférences ainsi que les projets avec les personnes étudiantes. Pour plus d’information, vous pouvez joindre Raymonde par courriel à rsaintil@shannex.comou par téléphone au 506-384-7272, ext. 5241

Faubourg du Mascaret

Since 2019, francophone seniors in the Moncton area have been benefiting from multiple activities every week through the Pivot santé pour aînés (PSA)project. The project is from the Centre d’études du vieillissement from the Université de Moncton,funded by the New Brunswick government. The project targets three components:

1) Offering health promotion and disease prevention services in French to increase health empowerment;

2) Advocating for the creation of an innovative learning environment and the development of interdisciplinary collaborations; and

3) Promoting collaborative research between researchers, PSA partners and Faubourg du Mascaret.

Popular activities include yoga sessions, physical exercise, tai chi, information sessions and projects with students. For more information, contact Raymonde by email ( or phone at 506-384-7272, ext. 5241.


Centenarians: Sharing 100 Years of Wisdom

May 8, 2024

Ethel MacDonald
Resident, Parkland Cape Breton

Ethel celebrated her 100th birthday with a crisp new 100-dollar bill. Ethel graduated from the Sydney Academy secretarial course and then moved to Ottawa to work on Parliament Hill with the Department of National Defense. Eventually, she moved back home to Cape Breton where she worked various jobs around Sydney and got married in 1949. She has three children.

An avid skier, skater, and curler Ethel says, “keep going and do lots of activities, this is what has gotten me this far in life!”Ethel never dreamed of turning 100 and she feels like she has achieved a new life goal

Leota Weldon
Resident, Monarch Hall

Leota Weldon turned 101 on February 14th.

She is a family orientated woman who loves to keep friends and relatives close. “I feel the same,”said Leota when asked how she felt about turning 101.

“I am truly surprised to have celebrated this birthday.”101 years are filled with many different experiences for Leota. “I have lived a long and fulfilling life, it has been very interesting, and I have meta lot of good people.

Shirley Hilchey
Resident, Parkland at the Lakes

Shirley Hilchey believes the secret to a long and healthy life is simple: Rice Krispies and bananas!

Having recently celebrated her 100th birthday, Shirley was invited to share her life story to mark the 100th podcast episode of Kristen and Mike in Dartmouth, NS.

Shirley has lived a long and full life; in 100 years she has raised a beautiful family with her husband. Shirley has traveled around to many places with her loving husband but has found her home in Nova Scotia.

When asked if she was indeed 100 years old, she said, “I think I am. I have to look at my birth certificate!” Shirley grew up during the Great Depression and has worked hard for everything she has.Life has taken Shirley on exciting adventures and taught her many lessons, “When you are young, you wish you had everything. But what you don’t have you don’t miss.” She encourages people to enjoy life and take it one day at a time.

Madame Marguerite Maille
Résidente duPavillon Cormier

Résidente du Pavillon Cormier, Mme Maillet a récemment célébré son 100e anniversaire de naissance. Elle a toujours été passionnée de l’écriture, même encore aujourd’hui. Après ses études elle a collaboré avec plusieurs personnes eta publié plusieurs livres pour les enfants en tant qu’auteure. Elle a également enseigné la littérature acadienne à l’Université de Moncton pendant bon nombre d’années. De plus, sa passion lui a permis de fonder sa maison d’édition, Bouton d’or Acadie,qui publie des œuvres pour la jeunesse. Parmi ses nombreuses distinctions, elle a été nommée, en 2002, Officier de l’Ordre du Canada.

Mrs. Marguerite Maillet
Resident of Pavillon Cormier

Mrs. Maillet recently celebrated her 100th birthday.She has always been passionate about writing, even today. After her studies, she taught Acadian literature at the University of Moncton for many years and published several books for children as an author. Her passion enabled her to set up her own publishing house, Bouton d’or Acadie, which publishes works for young people. Among hermany distinctions, she was appointed, in 2002, Officer of the Order of Canada.

Volunteers: A Work of Heart

May 8, 2024
Dianne Woodley, Audrey Cuvilier, Roberta Ash (front) with Roslyn Isnor, Laurie Dauphinee, Jeannie Welsh (back)

Maplestone Enhanced Care

Team members and residents recently celebrated a special group of volunteers as they retired from their work at Maplestone. These volunteers have been a part of the Maplestone family for upwards of 34 years,spending countless hours of time and energy to support residents. This energetic and caring group organizes weekly dances, live music and events, and holds annual fundraisers to provide holiday gis to every resident.

We wish them the very best and hope we will see some of them return to visit in the future. If you or someone you know would like to become a volunteer with Shannex:

Special thanks to recreation programmers Kelsey Brown and Danielle Thakur, and to manager Jennifer Kirby for your exceptional work supporting our volunteers.

Join Shannex and become a valued volunteer, forging meaningful connections and friendships while making a positive impact!

Volunteering is more than just giving your time! It’s about forming genuine connections with the residents in our communities.



May 8, 2024

Love Day at Debert Court

Spreading the love at Debert Court Resident Harold Goswell sharing the love on Valentines Day

Paint Night

Chef by day, painter by night. Dennis MacDonald, the head chef at Parkland on the River recently shared his passion for painting with residents, leading a fun class where everyone got creative.

Truro’s Long John Festival

Claudette Levesque, resident of Fergus Hall (Parkland Truro)and Mayor Bill Mills enjoyed a senior’s tea for Truro’s Long John Festival

Tricycle Tales

Madame Cécile Gautreau,resident at Pavillon Landry in Moncton, NB enjoys riding the adapted tricycle because it brings back memories of cycling with her husband in their younger days.

Cheering for the Cape Breton Eagles

Residents at Parkland Cape Breton had the privilege of cheering on the Cape Breton Eagles during a live game at the Pepsi Community Skybox at Centre 200.

Women Supporting Women

A shining example of this commitment is Maria Tarasio, a part-time concierge at Parkland on the Glen, who has dedicated herself to supporting women through her business, The We Network Canada.

Wear Blue

Royal Court residents and team members wearing blue in support of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Reading Companions

Parkland at the Gardens residents, Jill and Ginger,formed a connection through literature. The Reading Companions Program highlights our commitment to promoting mental well-being through the power of storytelling.

Saint Patrick’s Day at
Cohen Hall

Residents celebrated with a mobile cart filled with goodies like cupcakes, lime pop, ginger ale, green pudding and

Empowered Together

Residents at Parkland Eglinton West celebrate International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day

Team Members from Medley Hall in Fredericton, NB celebrated International Women’s Day by wearing purple!

Quilting at Ajax

Maria Martins and Jenny VanSickle, residents from ParklandAjax, work together on their dignity quilt.