Team Member Spotlight: Tracey Thurston

August 8, 2023

Bridgeview Hall

With 16 years’ experience in long-term care, Tracey Thurston began her Shannex journey during a chaotic time in the healthcare system – at the beginning of the global pandemic. From chaos to control, Tracey advanced her skills and pursued a Bachelor of Nursing degree, continuing her career with Shannex as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). “Shannex gave me the support and opportunity to advance my skills and work to my full scope of practice and my role with them as an LPN began striving.” Tracey says.

Having a family and life commitments makes returning to school not an easy road, however we understand our Great People’s needs and ensure that they feel supported.

At Shannex, we understand what makes us unique and what makes us strong. We believe when people bring a variety of life and work experience to our team, it adds value and a new perspective to our work. It’s why we want to invest in your career and make this opportunity accessible to anyone excited about a new career in the long-term care sector.

Here, you’ll do meaningful work alongside a team of Great People. Learn more about Healthcare and Clinical careers at Shannex.


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